The Very Condensed Guide To Novice Engineers’ Construction Strategy So That You Never Again Build A Sentry Gun Right Outside Your Spawn Door For The Love Of God Please Stop

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Originally posted on Reddit in a moment of frustration. Check the comments for some helpful gunslinger tips. Also check out my previous post on the topic.

tl;dr: Teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleportsTeleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports! …yes!

If you are defending

  1. Place a teleport entrance (43) right outside the spawn, go back to your spawn and restock.
    • If you see a teleport entrance has been already been built, tell the engie that’s around it to GTFO and place the exit already (if he’s lingering about) while you upgrade it to level 3.
  2. Reach the neighbourhood of the point, in an area with an ammo box. The ammo box better be a 100 ammo (the silver and brown one), but a 41 ammo (the silver one) will do if you must.
    • If you don’t know in advance how to get there, or don’t know where the ammo boxes are, change classes and try again on a map you know better.
    • On 5CP maps I mean the second point here.
  3. If you see an engineer that’s already building there, help him by wrenching on his stuff. Otherwise!
  4. Build a dispenser (42), pick up ammo.
  5. Build a teleporter exit (44), pick up ammo.
  6. Build a sentry (41), pick up ammo.
  7. Wrench on the dispenser till its done.
  8. Upgrade the teleport to level 2.
  9. Upgrade the dispenser to level 2.
    • Congratulations! Now you are credit to team! If you can’t consistently reach this point change class.
  10. Upgrade the sentry to level 2.
  11. Upgrade the teleport to level 3.
  12. Upgrade the dispenser to level 3.
  13. Upgrade the sentry to level 3.
  14. Wait til a uber or a spy kill you.
  15. GOTO 1
    • If the enemy is too close to where you’re trying to build, either resort to helping other engies orchange class.

Advancing on a 5CP map

When your team gets the next point (and thus the point you’re covering becomes locked), you have a conundrum.Will your team hold this point for long enough for you to set up in there?

This is a tough call to make. Typically you want to wait a minute before you start disassembling everything and start over for the next point. If you still hold the point, go for it.

If you are attacking

  1. If you’re attacking the very first point change class.
  2. If you’re about to get the very first point and know that you won’t change spawn points afterwards (most maps), build a teleport entrance and upgrade it while the point’s being captured.
  3. Now go to your future nest: on the point and with ammo. If you don’t know where to do this change class.
  4. Build a teleport exit.
    • Favor places that are one-way passages. e.g. pl_barnblitz offers for the attacking team a couple interesting teleport exit doors in the 2nd point’s building by the hatch (while going for 3rd point) and in the building opposite, top floor, near the red’s second spawn point (while going for the final, obviously).
  5. Build a dispenser.
  6. Build a sentry.
  7. Upgrade the teleport exit straight to level 3 if you haven’t done so.
    • Congratulations! Now you are credit to team! If you can’t consistently reach this point change class.
  8. Upgrade the dispenser to level 3.
  9. Upgrade the sentry to level 2 (3 really not needed).
  10. If it is safe move the dispenser closer to the point. Your team now needs it much more than you do. When it gets blown up just replace it.

If you are playing CTF

  1. From the get go sprint to the intelligence room.
    • Unless you’re playing 2fort! Do not build in the intelligence room in 2fort; it’s too predictable, and too easy to destroy; the outer area provides an excellent rally point for the enemy to group at, and as soon as more than two people want your toys down, your toys are going to go down. There are many better places, such as the elevated corner of your courtyard that’s by your spawn point. From there you’ll cover the courtyard and the top access to your base (demomen, soldiers and most of all, scouts).
  2. Build a sentry ASAP, and wrench it while you do that. You don’t want scouts to surprise you while you’re building.
    • Congratulations! Now you are credit to team. If you see an enemy camping your int room tearing the living hell out of you as you enter the spawn room, scream on chat about it and change class.
  3. Build a dispenser if you must to upgrade the sentry faster.
  4. Upgrade your sentry to level 3.
  5. Babysit your sentry. Keep it happy.
  6. If the coast seems clear (nobody attacks you for a while) your team is mostly holding the middle of the map. Consider moving your dispenser there. Then go back to your sad corner.

Sure, it’d be better to build your base on a choke point of the map where most enemies have to pass through, but CTF maps are built so that no one engineer can prevent all access. (Unless you’re playing Mach 4, then you can prevent most classes from leaving your base with the intelligence by building in the basement by the exit.) If those engies fail your sentry on the intelligence becomes pivotal. For now (= you’re a novice) stick to that.

Hope this helps!

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