The Gaming 2011 community moderator election is underway!

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With the growth of the Gaming Stack Exchange, and the loss of Grace Note as a moderator, it is time once again to hold Community Moderator Elections for 2 new moderators. The winners of this election will be joining our remaining group of moderators.

We’ve got 10 candidates so far, but if you think you would be an asset to the community as a ♦ moderator then there are still a few days left to get your nomination in.

Please visit the official election page at to participate – we need you to ask the candidates questions and vote, even if you’re not putting yourself up for election – of if you have general questions about the election process, or “big” questions for moderator candidates, feel free to ask them on meta with the election tag!

For more information on how the election will work, read on…


In the nomination phase, any community member in good standing and with more than 300 reputation may nominate themselves as a candidate. All the nominees are required to provide a small introduction, to describe why they might make a good community moderator, and the community is free to comment on these posts to ask questions, add support and so on.

After 8 days (so 20:00 UTC on 24th August), the top 30 nominees by reputation advance to the primaries. If there’s less than 30 nominees then everyone moves to the primaries, if there’s 10 or fewer nominees we skip the primaries and move straight to the election.

Please note that nominations are not yet binding; nominees may withdraw at their discretion at any point during this phase.


Any community member with at least 150 reputation may vote in the primary. There is no commenting in this phase, each users gets only one up or down vote per candidate – it works much like the voting on a normal set of answers, so the candidate vote scores are all public.

After 4 days in this phase, the ten highest scoring candidates proceed onward to the election.


Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the election, the same as with the primaries. Each community member has 3 votes, to be cast in order of preference, starting with the most desirable candidate first.

All voting is private until the election is complete.

After 4 days the election stores and the final voting results will be made freely downloadable forever from the election page. Obviously, the data that is released is anonymous; you can’t see who voted for who, just the votes on the ballots. The winners are calculated using OpenSTV with the Meek STV method.

Get involved!

We hope this information was helpful, so please now pop along to and participate!

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