Are you ready to conquer the Swarm?

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AnswerSwarm Top Piece

You’ve been waiting for it for three years, and now it’s finally here: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm has arrived. Join Sarah Kerrigan on her quest to assume leadership of the various rival broods of the fractured Swarm and exact her revenge on the Dominion.

You also get to win cool stuff from Arqade! The top prize this time is a sweet graphics card, and we have plush toys and peripherals up for grabs as well.

When you ask and answer questions about SCII: HOTS during the first ten days after launch, you’ll start working your way up through the leagues of AnswerSwarm. Anyone who chooses to participate will be featured in the leaderboards.

Go make posts, earn some achievements, and vengeance will be yours!

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  • zubair khan says:

    Thanks for share great review I like your post. I will be back again.

  • Daniel says:

    Nice review, thanks for this great article!

  • Everyone loves a themed game with the spacecraft, which is cool..

  • Zard says:

    @tubidy, I remember playing the game with my brother, lots of fun.

  • NeboBoro says:

    Wow, i didn’t know this one! I guess I’ll rule again with Protoss units.. :D

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