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Gaming Community Blog

This is the (currently) unofficial blog for the Gaming Stack Exchange site. On this site we will talk about:

  • New Technologies in Gaming
  • Upcoming Games (reviews)
  • Professional Gaming
  • Discussion of topics on the site
  • Good Games others may have missed (recommendations)
  • other Discussion Topics in Gaming (that would be beyond the scope of the site).

Any member of the community can contribute. If you have a suggestion for a post here and want to help out, have a look at the Contribute page for more information.

About the Site

Gaming – Stack Exchange is for passionate videogamers from all platforms, including consoles and computers. If your question generally covers …

  • PC video gaming
  • Xbox, PS3, Wii gaming
  • Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone gaming

… then the Gaming Stack Exchange site is the right place to ask your question!