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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Quickfix

2011-09-16 by badp. 9 comments

"please use normal uber"

Perhaps the most controversial item that we got from the Uber Update (yeah, old news) is the Quick Fix. There’s a vocal bunch of people that actively dislikes it and ask medics to switch to one of the two classic medic guns, and well, it is undeniable that the quickfix does have a few major downsides in respect to the regular medi gun.

Namely, the #1 reason why people oppose the use of the quickfix is its uber does not grant you invulnerability. Well, invulnerability definitely is every bit as cool as it sounds. Yes, if you use the quickfix too late you’re going to die shortly after using it, and your patient is going to follow you and more people are going to say, “told ya, stop using the quickfix.” And perhaps they have a point.

A less heard of, but just as critical downside of the quickfix is, it can’t overheal. This is huge when facing pocket medics from other mediguns: a heavy healed by a quickfix gun isn’t going to win in a 1v1 vs a heavy overhealed and healed by a normal medigun, unless the quickfix medic pops the uber and the other medic doesn’t. You’ll have to bring more gun.

Aside: if the patient is already overhealed, however, the quickfix will let you hold that overheal; it won’t replenish it when it absorbs damage, however. Dispensers also do that, so next time do stop by and overheal your engie by his nest.

So, you can’t overheal and you can’t give your team invulnerability, and you can’t give your team guaranteed critical shots. Let’s see what you can do though.

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The Very Condensed Guide To Novice Engineers’ Construction Strategy So That You Never Again Build A Sentry Gun Right Outside Your Spawn Door For The Love Of God Please Stop

2011-07-22 by badp. 0 comments

Originally posted on Reddit in a moment of frustration. Check the comments for some helpful gunslinger tips. Also check out my previous post on the topic.

tl;dr: Teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleportsTeleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports! …yes! more »

Engineering in TF2

2011-05-24 by badp. 1 comments

So you are tired of getting owned by those darn accurate sentries standing in the way between you and victory, lurking around the corner, more vicious than a spy. You want to get some action. You want to get kills without raising a finger. You want to heal people without holding your left mouse button, or, hell, healing more than one person at the same time! Or, your latency is too high and you’re tired of getting without giving.

You want to be an Engineer. So do I. And well, how can I blame you! The Engineer class in TF2 is awesome. Think of what a great engineer can provide to his team:

  • Teleporters! shuffle people from spawn to the action in a fraction of the time!
  • Dispensers! stationary medics that also replenish ammo and can treat more than one person at a time!
  • Sentries! kill people without lifting a finger! Create a no stabbing area for enemy spies!
  • Alternatively, Minisentries! Annoy the hell out of the other team with small, inexpensive grief generators.

Indeed, you’re so awesome for your team that, for balance, your life is pretty awful.

  • You and your toys become the #1 targets for the enemy team, only bested by ubers.
  • Speaking of ubers, you’re mostly powerless against them. You can’t uber a sentry.
  • You are pretty useless on your own. Your weapons suck. Your health is low. Your wrench is average, until your toys go online.
  • If you aren’t careful, any enemy classes can bring your 3 minutes of engineering into dust in matter of seconds. And you don’t have to take my word for it; that sucks.

Is the frustration you’ll have worth it? Let’s see what the rules of the game are.

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Like a Rat in a War-Themed Hat Simulator

2011-05-04 by Arda Xi. 1 comments

Video games are addictive. There are plenty of studies on this. For most games, this is not intentional, because they only had a one-time payment of ¤50.* However, lately, games include DLC for a price, and it becomes more important to keep the player addicted. MMOs were the first to do this, but now it’s leaking into other types of games as well. In this article, I’m focusing on everyone’s favourite war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2. more »

Team Fortress 2’s Hats for Help

2011-04-01 by powerlord. 5 comments

Team Fortress 2 has been running a charity drive for the recent Japan disasters in a unique manner.  Between March 23rd and April 6th, Valve is selling three hats and two noisemakers in TF2’s in-game store with all proceeds from them going to support the Red Cross’s efforts in Japan.

Who would buy such a thing?  Well, I would for one.  On March 29th, Valve noted that they had sold $300,000 USD worth of these items.

For reference, the items being sold are:

  • Humanitarian’s Hachimaki – 7.49 USD
  • Benefactor’s Kanmuri – 19.99 USD
  • Bell Noisemaker – 1.99 USD
  • Gong Noisemaker – 0.49 USD
  • Japan Charity Bundle – 29.96 USD, including all of the above
  • Magnanimous Monarch – 99.99 USD
Humanitarian's Hachimaki  (Why are the images featuring the RED Spy? Well… check out my StackExchange avatar!)

You’ll see more articles from me down the line, likely about Team Fortress 2, with maybe a little World of Warcraft or Monday Night Combat thrown in.