EarthDance 1054

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1st Granite 1054

I have just been put in charge of Earthdance.  It is spring, and we are hungry.  There is nothing to eat in this entire fortress, nothing to drink.  No wells.  Nothing but river water.  Too many dwarves rotting in the sun.  We have mad dwarves running amok and I’m fairly sure there’s still a loose goblin somewhere.  Our fortress is vulnerable to attack in the winter when the river freezes.  And I’m hungry.

I’ve assigned a few dwarves to gather the plants near the entrance.  It’s not much, but it’ll be something.  I’ve also assigned more to the farms.

5th Granite 1054

I knew there was a loose goblin! He ambushed my dwarves as they were cleaning up and emptied his quiver on them.  He slew Thikut Lolorritas and Udil Agsalmonom with silver arrows!  He shot and then bludgeoned to death Iton Unnosaban, our bookkeeper. More corpses to pile with the rest.  So many dead.  Thankfully he ran out of arrows before the militia got there.  They cut him in half.

Combat Report from 5th Granite

10th Granite 1054

Starving.  Cleaning out the refuse.  Trying to gather plants.  Anything to eat.  Must have food.

15th Granite 1054

Just when I thought things might be calming down Sigun Mamgozzaneg loses it!  Not a little bit either, no, he’s off the deep end.  Lorbam Ralost quietly died today.  Starvation is what everyone thinks.  It seems it’s not long before the same fate awaits us all.

21st Granite 1054

Ingiz Kodorasob is now just sitting in a corner rocking himself.  We really couldn’t afford to lose him, as he was a farmer.

22nd Granite 1054

In desperation, I have instructed the commander to kill one of the wandering hoofed creatures above.  I believe the humans call them “deer.”  He’s still chasing it around the fortress.

27th Granite 1054

We finally have food.  Why everyone refused to slaughter the livestock before, I don’t know, but their hunger has gotten to them now.  The sight of so many dwarves tearing into the donkey flesh…  Still no drink … so long since booze … booze

What’s this!  Shorast Mengthob’s mind has left her!  Why did it have to be someone with an axe … the blood… the gore … she’s killed Ingiz Kodorasob.  Ingiz was a farmer … how many more can we lose!  I’m sending Asmel and her troops after Shorast.  She must be torn to shreds!  Revenge, revenge!!

28th Granite 1054

Now she’s killed Doren Ethabfikod!  Took her lower half off in a few hacks!  Where is Asmel!

Combat Report 28th Granite

2nd Slate 1054

She just killed Stinthad Oboknakuth, but I think Asmel is finally closing in!  Rip her heart out!

3rd Slate 1054

Shorast and Asmel fought.  That gods-forsaken elf lover wounded Asmel.  Asmel survived, and Zeton, one of Asmel’s recruits, put an end to Shorast.  May she rot in pieces …

16th Slate 1054

Things have calmed down some.  Still a lot of tantrums, but no more insanity.  Some migrants arrived today.  Let me go out and meet those foolish enough to come to this place now.

19th Slate 1054

Twenty-two hardy souls came to join us!  These aren’t migrants, they’re a rescue party!  Why they didn’t bring any wood workers or soldiers I don’t know, but blessed be!

20th Slate 1054

All hail Olun Kubukor, he is mighty and incredibly quick to heal! Olun Kubukor

Today brave Zefon lost his pebbles.  I sent the other troops to handle him, but he  killed Avuz Aliserib, the speardwarf.  Olun Kubukor ran into him in the hallway and cracked his skull with his bare hands.

Combat Report for 20th Slate

Also, I’m not sure what is wrong with Oddom Ibelzon.  He’s sitting in a craftdwarf’s workshop and muttering.  I hope he’s not going to go crazy too.

1 Felsite 1054

I thought things were beginning to go better, but Dodok Takuthdodok went quiet this afternoon.  Now he won’t eat.  In brighter news, the wall is going well.  No more winter attacks I hope.

3rd Felsite 1054

Uzol Zarethsakzul pitched a tantrum today and killed Morul Asoblikot.  I’ve had enough of this lawlessness, I’m appointing Zuglar Orstistrigoth as the captain of the guard.

17 Felsite 1054

I’m not sure making Zuglar Orstistrigoth captain of the guard was such a good idea.  He punished Sibrek Abanbasen to death.  I didn’t think a bare handed fish cleaner could do that much damage.  I’ll see if I can buy some more rope off these elves.  Imprisoned dwarves are better than dead dwarves …

20th Felsite 1054

He killed Unib Kadoltirist as well.  Punched her right in the brain!  I asked him about it and all he would say is “She had it coming.”  I think he’s taking his position too seriously.

24th Felsite 1054

I traded the elves some high quality crafts for some low quality rope, quite a bit of booze, and a horse.  Mmmmm, tasty horse.  The wall is also going well.  We should be safe before autumn.

26th Felsite 1054

Alas poor Asmel, captain of the guard. Struck down for her crimes of passion.  I’m taking this opportunity to make Olun the Bold militia commander.

27th Felsite 1054

Alex, Supreme Manager.  He died today of a brain injury.  Kol, the chief medical dwarf, says it looks like he fell down the stairs, as Zuglar had his heavy hand on his shoulder.  We will remember this day for Alex’s wisdom and leadership.  I can only hope a better fate awaits me

Alex at Death

2nd Hematite 1054

The new ropes are finally installed in the jail.  I hope this will finally resolve …. that problem that we’ve been having.

5th Hematite 1054

Oddom Ibelzon went mad today after two months of cowering in that workshop.  At least he hasn’t punched anyone in the brainpan … yet.

8th Hematite 1054

The wall is doing well.  The well is up and running as well.

22nd Hematite 1054

Young Dodok Takuthdodok died today from thirst.  Hopefully, he will be the last to die.  My new fishing operation is up and running, and hopefully, will help feed us.  It also gives Zuglar something to do, besides … cleaning his office.

25 Hematite 1054

The wall is finished.  I hope we can convert it to stone soon.  Maybe add a gate and some towers …


24th Malachite 1054

Thank goodness for a quiet month.  Nothing of much significance happened.  I’ve started up training for the squad, and our food situation is getting better.  I’ve started mining operations again.  I’d like to start forging in earnest, but we lack coal and flux.  Without coal I have to make charcoal, and without flux I can’t make steel.  I have commissioned some iron armor for the troops.  I’ve also opened a path down into the caverns, but don’t worry.  I know what kind of things live in the dark; I’m securing it.

10th Galena 1054

Oddom Ibelzon finally died of thirst.  He’s been sitting on the stair since he lost his pebbles.

18th Galena 1054

We had a kobold show up at our doorstep.  Eshtan, one of the new recruits bravely held down the scaled thief, and Olun the Bold hacked him in half.  Eshtan took a dagger to the gut.  Now we’ll see if those doctors of ours know their trade.

Combat Report for 18th Galena

20th Galena 1054

Thankfully, Esthan seems to be doing better of his own accord.  Also, the breastplates are done.  I hope to get them distributed to the troops soon.  Gut wounds are messy …

21 Galena 1054

Uzol Zarethsakzul died today in the dungeon jail.  Completely unrelated, but Zuglar is now claiming the title of The Terrible.  Each trims his beard his own way.  Also I think I can smell marble around here.  We’re digging deeper!

12th Limestone 1054

Things are going well, but this lack of coal is becoming a real pain.

11th Sandstone 1054

Things are running smoothly.  Finally have the Whips of Craft into their breastplates.  Apparently, they didn’t know they were for them.  Apparently, they thought they were supposed to wear leather.  Well, that’s straightened out now, and they’re wearing good dwarven iron.  Now if only we could find that marble…

26th Sandstone 1054

We’re all fed and relatively happy.  Found some plump helmet spawn, and some cave wheat seeds hidden away.  Those will go a ways toward making us farm sufficient.  I don’t want to have to kill horses because we have to eat them.  I want to be in a situation where we can kill horses because we want to eat horse.  Having trouble getting anyone to go down and mine through the caverns.  We’ll see about that.

1st Timber 1054

Rockslide!  Blast it, a troll got in, how did that happen!  Sending the military after it.

3rd Timber 1054

Olun The Bold does it again, he cut the troll in half!  Good work by the recruits as well, they held it down so Olun could get to it.

Combat Report for 3rd Timber

Olun seems to be enjoying his job.

Olun the Bold 3rd Timber

That troll blood looks good on the walls.  Now about those walls and traps by the caverns …

5th Timber 1054

In all the chaos, I didn’t notice.  We found Marble down below the caverns!  Steel here we come.  I can almost feel that smooth metal now.

13th Timber 1054

Caravan just showed up.  Let’s see what they’ve got; I’m ready to get rid of some of these crafts anyway.    I made Stakud Cattenonul broker a while back.  I don’t think that other guy knew what he was doing.

19th Timber 1054

Goblins be damned!  An ambush while I’m trying to trade.  We’re all headed down.  Let them deal with the traps …  Aquifer!  The goblins are getting into it with the caravan guard, and Id Rithrober is stuck on the wrong side of the wall.

20th Timber 1054

Between the caravan guards and the traps, those goblins aren’t a problem anymore.  Id is even ok, after hiding behind a tree a goblin shot at her.  Now, let’s see about that trading!

21st Timber 1054

A snatcher tried to sneak in after the attack and ended up in a cage.  We’ll have fun with this one later …

22nd Timber 1054

Another ambush!  Olun ran into them while picking up some wood for the furnace.  I was caught in the open too, but those caravan guards really pulled us through again!  Olun got a little beat up, but he should be fine.

8th Moonstone 1054

Traded most of our crap crafts for sundry goods.  I’m going to enjoy this dog lung.

12th Moonstone 1054

The river just froze.  Time to expand a bit.

17th Obsidian 1054

Uzol Enshalzaneg got possessed by something.  I hope the spirit doesn’t have any unreasonable demands.  In other news, the troops have been sparring some recently.  I hope it improves their effectiveness.  Maybe we should recruit more troops when migrants arrive.  It’s also been a long time since we’ve had migrants.  We have food laid up, and my tenure is almost over.  Construction on the new walls is going.  I got all the rivers walled over that I wanted, now it’s just filling in the open spaces.   We really need more room.

18th Obsidian 1054

I’m relieved to find Uzol’s spirit got what it wanted.  He’s now working on something in a mason’s workshop.

23 Obsidian 1054

Uzol finished his project and the spirit left him.  It’s a beautiful alunite coffer.  No idea what we’re going to do with it. Now if it was a coffin …

Alunite Coffer

28th Obsidian 1054

Earthdance hums pleasantly with the sound of crackling furnaces, smelting iron, making coal, and other dwarvenly endeavors.  We have gone from starvation and weakness to plenty and strength, with some fortune and the help of some brave caravan guards.  Let us feast on the fatted bull tonight!  I am Edem  Almoshstakud.  I have lead this fortress for a year.  Judge me as you will; call me what you will; I have done the best a dwarf could.

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