Earthdance year 1052, Autumn and Winter

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(First of all, this is out of sequence, something which is entirely my fault for not writing this up in time.)

Upon examination of the fallen leader “Macha” Besmarilral’s possessions, it has been discovered that contrary to prior belief, he did keep journals of the latter half of his reign, and here they are.


Autumn has begun with a goblin attack on the fortress. I decide to sound out our militia to deal with them. This was a mistake. Our militia has now fallen, and the goblins are camped outside.


Here are the goblins, attacking our militia

However, the  goblins seem content to just wait outside and shoot at… to shoot at… well,I don’t know what they’re shooting at, but it saves our asses, so I’m not complaining. Instead, I go focus on an issue I can deal with: the completion of our great hall to last the ages. This has actually been quite successful. And to follow it up, I will build some new bedrooms beside it.

The finished hall, and some new rooms.

One of our dwarves has gone into a fey mood. It’s disturbing how often this happens, but we luckily have all the resources to satisfy him. In another issue, one of our dwarves has earlier stopped producing drink, causing a fortress wide shortage, so I order him to get back at it, the lazy sod.

However, my attention gets diverted back to something more dangerous, as the goblins resume their attack, leaving blood everywhere, as a wounded dwarf staggers back in. With the increased danger, I now order everyone back into the fortress.


Wish something hadn't happened to that militia.

Meanwhile, a small fight breaks out underground between two of our dwaves. It turns out that our former leader antony.trupe has died in the attack, and the two are fighting over who gets his room. This is disturbing on many levels. Not the least that they neglected to inform me, but that he hadn’t had a proper tomb. I quickly build a few tombs, and arrange for his body to be transported to one of them. Once I’m sure he’s been given a tomb, I set out a graveyard for dead common dwarves. It appears he had been gathering resources when he was caught by surprise by the attack. I hope nothing like this ever happens to me…

Alas poor Antony! I knew him, Urist;

And of course, I should show the new tombs, and- hold on, there’s an urgent issue I need to attend to.

It appears that the river has frozen up, allowing the goblins easy access to our fortress should they think of going around. However, luckily, as I was investigating the issue, a human caravan came along, and the goblins followed it in, falling to our cage traps. Anyway, back to those tombs.

The Emperor's New Tombs.

Mine is the second on the left, so, when I am in my old age, I can be confident in having somewhere to rest. Anyway, it’s the start of Spring now, and the new leader is due to arrive any minute now, so I need to go help the new leader get settled in. I have to say, I am proud of what I accomplished here, and, despite being free to go now, think I might stay. I don’t want to give up a place in a nice (thanks to me), safe fortress.

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