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Let me start by saying I am not a “pro-caster.”  I don’t cast professional Starcraft matches and I am not qualified to.  To be a good pro-caster, you need to have a good feel for what it is people want to see, know what’s going on, and to do it in real time.  When you see Tasteless on GomTV, or Day9 run the King of the Beta, you know instantly these guys could be sportscasters for baseball just as easily as Starcraft.  They know what’s going on and how to bring that to the audience.  One of the things that has irked me about the release of Starcraft 2 is the number of people springing up to claim to be “pro-casters,” when they really don’t have the experience or skills to pull it off.

So when I received a replay in the mail asking for advice my first thought was: I’ll load up StarCraft 2 and email him back what I think.  I quickly realized that a lot of the things I was telling him could be more useful on a gaming.stackexchange question and added my thoughts there as well.  Having completed this task, I realized that certain things weren’t easy to convey over text, and that a visual representation might be more helpful.  They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

I loaded up Fraps, popped in the replay, and started recording.  I learned two things: 1) I don’t like the sound of my own voice, and 2) I don’t know how to cast a game of Starcraft 2.  I probably should have known the second one ahead of time; however, I was trying to help someone, so I stuck at it.  A couple more attempts and a couple takes later, and I finally had a product that I wouldn’t mind on youtube.  Unfortunately,  it turns out you can’t just hit save and be done with it.  Instead I had 7, 3 minute segments on my Hard Drive, each spanning 4 gigabytes.  Ok, on to Virtual Dub.

Virtual Dub is one of those thing you just kind of have lying around, like a screwdriver or Cat-5 cable; sure I don’t need it in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word, but there is no reason not to have it.  After futzing around with the DivX codec and then going back and rerecording the whole thing in 720p, I finally had about 24 minutes of something.  It turns out youtube will let you upload 15 minute segments (did not know that, thought it was 10) as long as they stay under 2 Gigs.  My newly compressed videos were 500 Megs all together so I felt good about the whole thing.

Here I had done something nice for someone, and hopefully people could benefit from:



Oh $#*!, does this make me a caster now? Do I have to start hating myself?

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