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In the year of our Dwarven Lord 1055 I was approached in the mines by a rather desperate looking fellow.  Setting down my pick a while to hear him speak, I only catch the end of his phrase: “So I’m leaving you in charge.”  I reach back for my pick and grunt, “Good,” before getting back to work; and there is a lot of work to do.

Simple, effective, food is found both by the dining hall and sleeping quarters

Looking over our living arrangements, I quickly realize that the planners of this place had not listened to the Dwarven Philosopher ThunderClaw’s Treatise on Decentralized Living.  It was time to educate them.  I quickly set down a bold new plan to deal with Barracks and Dining for our few remaining troops.  Additionally, I order the masons to pave over the stairs to the “Under Dark.”  That’s a headache for another Dwarf.

One Lazy Sod who can't figure out if he's a Craftsdwarf or a Farmer

Looking for my good-for-nothing masons, I quickly realize that there is no division of labor.  Jobs seem to be assigned willy-nilly.  Enough of that.  I lay down my first decree: One Dwarf, One Profession.  It’s time to clean up the lazy sods who try to get away with doing nothing by having 5 jobs.

Now our Fort had taken a lot of losses lately, so there wasn’t time to worry about fancy things like Clothes and Crafts. We need to focus on the basics: Masons, Miners, Carpenters, Woodsdwarves, and Farmers.  We get those nailed away, and I’ll start worrying about things like trinkets for the humans.

Almost immediately, idlers drop to our remaining noble.  One I can stand, any more and I might have to arrange a fortunate accident…

What’s more, our military is low.  Now I don’t have the manpower to train up new dwarves, so we’re going to take on a policy of isolationism.  That means gates and paving over caves.  I’m also going to see if some of these sods know which end of an Axe to hold.  The way I see it, even if they don’t, things’ll still improve.

26th of Granite 1055

I took the time to lay out our new living arrangements while on break.  Even on break, a dwarf should work hard.  I like how they came out, dining halls and all.  Even left a room in there for useless dwarves.

A Pick makes a good Pen in Dwarven Hands

In the mean time, I’ve got to get my boot on the dwarves that are supposed to be constructing this gate of mine.

21st of Slate

While construction on the new living quarters began nicely, we soon realized that it was dug into the side of an underground cave.  A quick wall and relocating and construction is back underway.  Unfortunately, I notice that our resident mason seems to have gone missing.  Turns out that while paving over stairs, he accidentally trapped himself underground.  Construction is halted while we go dig him out.  This soon leads to the discovery that our other mason has similarly trapped himself.  You’d think they’d learn?

Migrants arrive despite the danger.  The fools.  It seems that rumors of our wealth have spread very wide and 18 new dwarves join us; none are worth mentioning, but it seems we do have a plethora of Masons and Engravers.  Perhaps I can recall those diggers now… ach, better not.  Shouldn’t waste a dwarf.  What’s more, by the looks of it, this batch of Masons isn’t any smarter than the last.  One’s already walled himself into a corner.  On the plus side, it seems our army is about to be bolstered in size.

Ducim, Cerol, Kogsak, Sibrek; welcome to the Tongs of Gold.  Goden, Lolor; you’re in the Whips of Craft.  Welcome to the suck.  As of today I am instituting a new military schedule: 6 months out of the year the Tongs will patrol and the Whips will train.  The other six months they’ll switch.  None of this part-time tree dung; you are full time Soldiers now.  My father was a Soldier back in 40d; had one arm because they didn’t have Surgeons back then.  If he did it, you can.

Good.  Seems the threat of full time military duty is starting to whip some of these men into shape.  Only 3 idlers.  Let’s go see what their problem is, my boot is getting hungry for dwarf beard.

27th of Felsite

An ambush of over a dozen goblins appear.  They quickly kill a Woodsman and nearby Kitten before falling prey to our Trap army.  At first, it seems excessive to have so many traps, but as new waves of goblins move to reinforce, it quickly becomes clear why there are so many.  As the third wave breaks through, it quickly sets in on elven traders (who I had left out in the cold because… well… they’re elves).  Seeing the problem quickly resolve itself, I activate the military to safeguard the fort.  Fortunately, the neverending trap army prevents the remainder of the Goblins from breaking through.  I think one of the horses went mad, but it’s hard to tell since horses are pretty stupid.

Funeral rites are held for Zefon the Cat.  I rummage through Erith Erithdatan’s clothes for that nugget of silver he owed me.

The remaining elves form a delegation to negotiate.  Funny how an Axe swings just like a Pick.

Negotiations are quickly put on hold as Goden is possessed.  He navigates the twisting hallways (who designed this place?) before finally coming to rest at a Craftsdwarf’s shop.

18th of Hematite

More migrants!?!  When I started there were only 33 of us left, now there are 58.  We’re not back up to full strength yet, but it’s a step in the right direction.

15th of Sandstone

The new apartments are complete, so I’ve started assigning rooms.  Soldiers and Miners first!  They’re much more spacious than our old rooms and it’s good to have a place to call my own.  I’ve drawn up plans for two more apartment complexes to fill our new Migrants, but we’re short on wood.  I’m going to have to assign some more Woodcutters and Engravers.  Got to get this place up to spec.

Goden starved to death because of his possession, but I’m going to need to take another look at our food production.  I also took a look at some of our more useless dwarves and I noticed that the Mayor has two rooms!  What is going on with this guy?  He’ll probably want whatever Ducim produces.  Oh, forgot to mention Ducim was taken by a fey mood.  What is with Soldiers and moods?

I also started laying out some new areas for work shops and supplies.  This spreading everything everywhere stuff has got to end.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have them done before next Spring.  It’s a standard Butterfly design which fits 4 workshops in the interior areas with supply caches on the wings.  One direction for input, one for output.

Good Dwarven Layout, the Model of Efficiency

On a more personal note, I prepared a tomb for myself in my spare time.  I’m calling it the Hall of Sixteen Pillars.

Now, it looks like good Dwarven traders have arrived, let me see if I can unload some of these clothes and Goblins.

18th of Timber

Just as I’m working out some of the finer details of trading “Gladiators,” in comes another Goblin ambush!  Well, I think it’s time to try out that new gate of mine.  Let’s see if these Goblins are any challenge for good Dwarven Craftsmanship and Obsidian stone.

It seems though that a couple of the Masons were caught in the open and they go down hard.  Domas the Woodburner valiantly rushes to save them from death, but he too is struck down.  Time to start mobilizing the infantry.

With the help of the Caravan Guards, we were able to repulse the attack.  Nil charged valiantly into battle and fell unconscious.  Unfortunately, we weren’t in time to save the Masons and Domas, but Nil survived and is recovering.  I think he broke every bone in his body.  What’s worse is that Winter is upon us now and I doubt we’ll be able to get him water to heal quickly.

In all the confusion, Ducim went berserk and had to be put down. I also realized Lolor got caught in a cage, but by that time he had also gone berserk.  I’m starting to worry about a tantrum spiral.

12th of Obsidian

Mosus decided to hold a party in the grand dining room.  It’s well needed as far as I am concerned.  Everyone could use a little joy.  I “liberate” one of the casks of Ale we received from the merchants and we tell stories about Nil’s courage.  He’s resting up well now that we have water again and I hope he’ll begin to heal.  Babinathel slips away from the party as a Fey mood takes him.  I manage to catch up with him later, but he’s already hard at work.  Looks like at least one of our moods won’t go poorly.

Looking back over the year, we lost a couple good dwarves but for the most part things ran well.  Our new accommodations are nice, but I haven’t had a chance to streamline our production.  We’re safe from dangers outside and below, but our military is in poor shape.  Our food stores are holding out, but they need expanding.  I really wanted to put a roof on the outside, but that’ll have to wait.

Finally Babinathel has become a legendary Carpenter, and we have grown by 20 Dwarves over the course of the year.

Personally, I feel its time I move on to Greener Pastures and leave this place in the hands of a younger dwarf.

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