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Monster Dash: Run for Life!

2011-04-29 by kronos. 0 comments

Today, I decided to play Fruit Ninja, and an alert from the game dev’s came saying “Check out our new game”.  Since it was only 99 cents I thought I’d give it a shot.  I instantly fell in love.

The Game is called Monster Dash:


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My journey through Aperture. Part III

2011-04-28 by ivoflipse. 0 comments


Warning: Spoiler alert! If you haven’t played Portal 2 yet and you’re planning on playing it, I’d suggest you stop reading and play it first.

Welcome back to part III of my journey through Aperture. I was actually surprised how often I got stuck in Portal 2 compared to Portal 1. Nearly every chapter (of the nine in total) had one room that was giving me some trouble. Here’s a chronological overview of the rooms:

Chapter 3:

enter image description here

I didn’t spot that I could create a portal on the wall on the left.

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Miniature Dungeons Aplenty

2011-04-27 by bwarner. 3 comments
Only 20 minutes left before bed time, so what should you play?  You want something with a bit more substance than a couple rounds of Bejeweled.  But with most games, by the time you’ve finished booting the game, loading your save, and re-orienting yourself to your situation in the game, your time is up.  Enter Desktop Dungeons.  This brilliant little game has taken the often complicated genre of role-playing games (specifically roguelikes) and distilled it down to its purest form, creating a randomized adventure that you can experience in less than 20 minutes.  And did I mention that it’s free?
Rogue beginning a dungeon

A fledgling rogue

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My journey through Aperture. Part II

2011-04-26 by ivoflipse. 0 comments

Warning: Spoiler alert! If you haven’t played Portal 2 yet and you’re planning on playing it, I’d suggest you stop reading and play it first.


I reckon most of the die-hard Portal fans had already seen the introduction, but Portal 2 starts with Chell waking up in a bedroom after being asleep for nine nine nine nine nine… well a long, long time!


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Welcome to the Metagame

2011-04-25 by Macha. 0 comments

On the surface, the Pokémon games are deceptively simple – catch some Pokémon, level them up, fight eight gyms, fight the Elite Four, win. For the main story, that’s pretty much all there is to it. Ok, there are a few exceptions – no amount of work is going to make a Farfetch’d a dangerous Pokemon that’s usable throughout the story. But for the most part, probably because Nintendo are aware that kids play these games, the story is pretty hard to screw up in.

And then you go to the Battle Tower or you play a random wifi match after clearing the Elite Four, and your team that decimated everything gets wiped away as if it wasn’t even there. Hmm. The rules of the story, where everything is fine, and even something rubbish can be improved by just adding ten levels no longer apply there. So how do you improve here? And that is where the metagame comes in.

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My Journey Through Aperture. Part I

2011-04-24 by ivoflipse. 0 comments


Just before they released Portal 2, I decided to finish Portal 1 first. I had played it years back on the Xbox, but never bothered finishing it. Given the hype around Portal 2, I reckoned it must have been worth finishing after all.

Turns out I quit just before reaching GLaDOS, so most of the puzzles were pretty easy going through a second run. The only level that gave me some trouble was this one, even though I had made it last time.  Luckily StackExchange came to the rescue!


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My First Impression of the Nintendo 3DS

2011-04-22 by ivoflipse. 0 comments

by Kronos

Remember those old “3D picture” book you had in school?  You know what I mean, the ones where you have to “cross” your eyes in order for them to work?  If not, then just look at these and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.  The problem with those type of images is that after time your eyes start to hurt.  It’s awkward too, because your focus is entirely on that one section, and if you move your concentration at all you lose the 3D effect and have spend the next 20 minutes getting it back.

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Push my button, baby!

2011-04-20 by ivoflipse. 0 comments


Sejanus was wondering why on earth gaming consoles require a button-press, whereas on PC games you simply press any key and you’re straight in the main menu.

One of our local game devs, Sadly Not, pointed out that requiring a button press is an easy way to figure out who ‘Player One’ is, because he’s the most likely person to be in control. Obviously, when you’re sitting behind your computer, the one controlling the mouse is the boss. more »

OpenTTD Game Diary #3 – Collecting the Iron

2011-04-19 by Macha. 0 comments

While my Iron line is making a profit since the last entry, it’s not really carrying that many goods. The bottleneck is the lack of Iron being brought to the Steel Mill. While I could resolve this by just waiting for the Iron Mine I’m using to expand, I have a few other Iron Mines on the map that I could make use of. But before I can connect it up, I’ll need to replace that quick and easy drop off I used for the Steel Mill drop station. (A side note: The names of towns, like Fairypool, are created using the Silly language pack – the default is for more serious names if you don’t like them. Station names are based on nearby towns, but the player can rename them)

The old Steel Mill drop station - totally uninteresting

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Game Dev Story

2011-04-18 by Macha. 1 comments

Game Dev Story is a mobile game for Android and iOS that revolves around the running of a game development company. You start off in a small office with two staff members, and must work your way up to being one of the top game companies. The main goal of the game is to make as much money as possible in twenty years for the game’s high scores, though there are a few other options available to the player, such as winning the Global Game Awards or making the highest selling game.

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