Monster Dash: Run for Life!

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Today, I decided to play Fruit Ninja, and an alert from the game dev’s came saying “Check out our new game”.  Since it was only 99 cents I thought I’d give it a shot.  I instantly fell in love.

The Game is called Monster Dash:


Gameplay is really simple.  You use the left thumb to jump and the right to shoot. Controls

The goal: Survive!

Strategy: Shoot Monsters; Jump the Gaps.

Jumper Rocket Launch


You start off with a simple shotgun as your main weapon.  As you go along there are different powerups that you can get: Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun Jetpack, Lightning Gun called “Mr. Zappy”, a Sub Machine gun, a Super Pistol, and my favorite the “Bad ‘A’ Hog”:



You can also kill monsters by ‘stomping’ or jumping and landing on them, which is quite the task to do.  If you’re really good, you ‘stomp’ on one, then immediately jump and stomp on another.  I haven’t been able to master this yet.

There are also 5 different levels that you alternate starting from, and teleport to after you’ve run every 1000m: Yeti Heights, Zombie Metropolis, Vampire Kingdom, Tomb Town and Demon Dynasty:

Zombie Metropolis Yeti Heights

Demon Dynasty Vampire Kingdom

Tomb Town

Each level has it’s own soundtrack which is done pretty good, and is entertaining to listen to.  The graphics is also great looking, but not distracting from the main goal, survival.  All in all, this is a very fun and addictive game to play, while you work on getting further than you did before.

As you progress through the game, the speed get faster and faster, which makes the gameplay extremely fun and addicting. Kept finding myself saying: ‘just a little bit further, just a little bit further’.  Currently the top runner worldwide is over 40,000,000,000 meters traveresed!  I dare you to beat that.  Happy Gaming!

MachineGun Jetpack

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