My First Impression of the Nintendo 3DS

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by Kronos

Remember those old “3D picture” book you had in school?  You know what I mean, the ones where you have to “cross” your eyes in order for them to work?  If not, then just look at these and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.  The problem with those type of images is that after time your eyes start to hurt.  It’s awkward too, because your focus is entirely on that one section, and if you move your concentration at all you lose the 3D effect and have spend the next 20 minutes getting it back.

This was exactly what my first experience with the Nintendo 3DS was.  Granted, this was the display model at Wal-Mart, but nonetheless, I’m pretty sure I got the overall feeling of what the experience is gonna be.  The 3D sucked!  I stood there for about 20 minutes trying to get it to work properly (yes, I had the switch set to 3D on) and couldn’t get it to look comfortable for my eyes.  I’m pretty sure that the store clerks were laughing at me as I was moving this thing forward and backward, side to side like an old man trying to read the Sunday news.

That said, Nintendo did make some adjustments that I appreciated, mainly the addition of the “joystick” thumb controller.  It was very smooth moving, and I was able to naturally adapt to it almost instantly, as any other console gamer would be able to do.  The new sleek design was also very nice, and the overall system was fairly light.  I was unable to really test out much anything else on the system, so I can’t tell you how browsing, camera, and other things were like at this moment.

In essence though, if you’re looking for the next 3D gaming handheld system, I’d hold off til Nintendo works out a few of the bugs first.

Happy Gaming!

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