My Journey Through Aperture. Part I

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Just before they released Portal 2, I decided to finish Portal 1 first. I had played it years back on the Xbox, but never bothered finishing it. Given the hype around Portal 2, I reckoned it must have been worth finishing after all.

Turns out I quit just before reaching GLaDOS, so most of the puzzles were pretty easy going through a second run. The only level that gave me some trouble was this one, even though I had made it last time.  Luckily StackExchange came to the rescue!


I generally don’t rush through games, because I don’t want to miss out on the story. So I listened to all the dialogs and if I saw rooms somewhere off-track, I’d explore them. It even made me think the cake was a lie!


All in all, I finished it in ~3+ hours of which half an hour was wasted by my 8-year old Wii-addicted niece, who couldn’t grasp the concept of moving around with WASD and a mouse. I’d say it’s still worth the 9 euro Valve currently asks for it, even though I got my copy from one of the fellow Gaming-users, who got it for free while pre-ordering Portal 2.

Either way, you get a couple of hours worth of fun for the same price as a movie ticket. Besides, if you’re planning on playing Portal 2, I’d say it’s a must to know something about the history between Chell and GLaDOS.


Because I was a too slow on deciding whether I was going to play Portal 2 any time soon, I was too late to pre-order it. Luckily one of our English users still got it for 20 euro less [insert rant over Steam’s unfair regional pricing]. Next time, I’ll be back with my experiences with Portal 2.

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