My journey through Aperture. Part II

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Warning: Spoiler alert! If you haven’t played Portal 2 yet and you’re planning on playing it, I’d suggest you stop reading and play it first.


I reckon most of the die-hard Portal fans had already seen the introduction, but Portal 2 starts with Chell waking up in a bedroom after being asleep for nine nine nine nine nine… well a long, long time!


There you meet your new BFF: Wheatley, who’s a Personality Core with a funny English accent. He’ll help you escape the stasis chamber and acquire a Portal Device. Since Chell, like in Portal, never speaks, having Wheatley talk to you is a nice change. On top of that, his dialogue is pretty hilarious most of the time.

Here’s a sample of his dialogues

Actually, for me, the dialogue was the best thing about the whole game. Sure, I like solving puzzles, but in true Valve-style, the scripted events are timed perfectly and the supporting narrative makes it all the more fun. Even though there’s no free roaming in this game, I never had the feeling I was missing out of something. The whole experience just makes you want to push forward all the time, just to see (and hear!) what they have in stock for you next.

I literally took a ton of screenshots along the way (980 to be precise), which helped me a lot when I needed to ask questions to solve some of the more difficult puzzles. However, I didn’t just make screenshots of the rooms, but also of some of the ‘awkward’ drawings of the wall, of which I still need to make sense. Here are a few:


Something about someone getting shot, companion cubes, people choking on poisonous gas and Chell doing nasty things to GLaDOS.


Something about Schrödinger’s cat and mathematics that doesn’t make any sense to me.


“The bell invites, hear the turret, for it is knell.  That summons to heaven or to hell.” Apparently this is a Macbeth quote:

“I go, and it is done; the bell invites me. Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell That summons thee to heaven or to hell.”

How it relates to the game, however, is a mystery to me, but I like these small hidden Easter Eggs (how ironic to have those during Easter Glimlach). To find out more, I decided to put up a question about the drawings. Turns out they’re drawings by the “Rat-man” left for Chell when she wakes up. For those of you wanting more information, check out the question and have a look at a comic Valve released prior to Portal 2’s launch:

Join me later for part III of my play through Portal 2!

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