My journey through Aperture. Part III

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Warning: Spoiler alert! If you haven’t played Portal 2 yet and you’re planning on playing it, I’d suggest you stop reading and play it first.

Welcome back to part III of my journey through Aperture. I was actually surprised how often I got stuck in Portal 2 compared to Portal 1. Nearly every chapter (of the nine in total) had one room that was giving me some trouble. Here’s a chronological overview of the rooms:

Chapter 3:

enter image description here

I didn’t spot that I could create a portal on the wall on the left.

Chapter 4:

enter image description here

Getting stuck here was pretty silly. I mistook the blue circles, that indicates the landing point of the Aerial Faith Plate, for not being Portable (is that a word?) so missed the obvious solution of using it to catapult me up into the room.

Chapter 6:

enter image description here

I must be as tenacious as Chell, because I stubbornly tried making an impossible jump. Had I managed it, I would have forgotten about mrs. Potato-head!

Chapter 7:

enter image description here

Not only was I’m being incredibly stubborn, I kept overlooking easy solutions, exactly because they looked too obvious. Note to self: none of the puzzles are designed so you get stuck somewhere, so I should have just made a Portal behind the box and not try and keep a Portal back towards the main room : silly me

Chapter 8:

enter image description here

I guess I’m having issues with using the Excursion Funnels properly. They made me miss the obvious solution, which was catapulting me towards the cubicle one the left.

Chapter 8:

enter image description here

I had tried jumping on the blue gel on the right of the picture from a different angle, so again I missed the obvious solution, which was literally right under my nose…

At some point fellow gamer Shinrai started to wonder:

Are you enjoying the game, @Ivo? You seem to be having more trouble than I did… ;)

Well, I can only say I had a ton of fun playing through Portal 2. Sure I might have gotten ‘stuck’ more often than perhaps would be necessary, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to enjoy the narrative, the scripted events and the overall atmosphere. Given that the only ‘real’ game I’ve played before starting with Portal was Starcraft 2, this was definitely the most fun I had with a game in ages. Now I’m waiting for E3 to hear what Valve has in store for us with Half-Life (Episode) 3!

Either way, did you have any special experience during Portal 2 that you feel like sharing, let us know in the comments!

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