OpenTTD Game Diary #2 – Getting the Goods

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Towns in OpenTTD take a few things to grow. The first is frequent, regular passenger transport. This will enable you to grow your first towns slowly, but it’s not enough for fast growth. The next thing they need is Goods. Goods represent the culmination of most of the other good chains in the default temperate maps – the two most notable exceptions being passengers, who just go from point to point, and coal, which while profitable, does not lead to any ultimate product.

Of my two towns so far, Sleepywig is the most in need of growth, but the town authority hates me, so I can’t do the necessary landscaping either to add in an additional entrance to the existing station, or build a new station to accept goods. I buy up the land for future use so the city doesn’t expand onto it, and instead focus on bringing goods to Kipperwood.

The obvious option would be to connect the farm and factory nearby to produce goods, but the short distances involved mean the service wouldn’t be very profitable. Instead I connect up an Iron Ore mine to a Steel Mill further away as the start of my industrial efforts. Again I go for some less than ideal station entrances for simpler placement. For trains, this time I go with the Floss ’47’ and 5 Iron Ore carriages. For economic reasons, I have again chosen to go with a Diesel train.

The grand unveiling of the Iron Line

Lack of attention paid while building the rail line means I initially connect it to a nearby factory, before fixing my mistake. Around this time, I also discover that I hadn’t connected any roads to my bus station in Sleepywig, rendering it useless. That mistake is quickly rectified too. I then begin to work on another section of the track as that gets me money in the background. This is the station for that factory near Sleepywig. This time around, I don’t use plain Xs for the entrance of the stations for the factory as I intend for the factory to receive more than one set of raw materials and deliver to more than one city.


Sleepywig Stations

This needs a little more explaining as it’s more complex than what has been built so far. I’ve turned transparency on so the track isn’t obscured by trees or anything. So what’s with the tracks heading into the stations? The reason they are like that is so that trains leaving or entering one platform don’t block trains entering the other platform. It is slightly more convoluted at the Sleepywig collection station because I’m also turning the track at the same time, but the same basic idea underlies them both. It is two stations so I don’t have a situation where trains waiting for goods fill up all the platforms and prevent the raw materials trains from bringing the factory what it needs to produce more goods.

As during my construction of this track I have accumulated a fair amount of money (€600,000), I pay off my loans before turning my attention to fitting trains on these tracks. The Steel t0 Factory section, a fairly long but boring straight track gets a SH-40 with 9 Steel carriages. The factory to Kipperwood section meanwhile, gets a SH-40 with 7 Goods carriages. The Iron Line also gets an additional train so it can be feed the increased demand from the large Steel train. Now all that’s needed is to let this run a while to get money to build the next section.


My network is starting to shape up

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