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Team Fortress 2 has been running a charity drive for the recent Japan disasters in a unique manner.  Between March 23rd and April 6th, Valve is selling three hats and two noisemakers in TF2’s in-game store with all proceeds from them going to support the Red Cross’s efforts in Japan.

Who would buy such a thing?  Well, I would for one.  On March 29th, Valve noted that they had sold $300,000 USD worth of these items.

For reference, the items being sold are:

  • Humanitarian’s Hachimaki – 7.49 USD
  • Benefactor’s Kanmuri – 19.99 USD
  • Bell Noisemaker – 1.99 USD
  • Gong Noisemaker – 0.49 USD
  • Japan Charity Bundle – 29.96 USD, including all of the above
  • Magnanimous Monarch – 99.99 USD
Humanitarian's Hachimaki  (Why are the images featuring the RED Spy? Well… check out my StackExchange avatar!)

You’ll see more articles from me down the line, likely about Team Fortress 2, with maybe a little World of Warcraft or Monday Night Combat thrown in.

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  • ivoflipse says:

    Great initiative Powerlord!

  • ivoflipse says:

    Are there any other users who have bought these? Then we can add that to the article

  • badp says:

    Didn’t the Hachimaki cover your eyes?

    • Powerlord says:

      Not this one.

      The Hero’s Hachimaki that the Soldier gets for preordering Homefront covered his eyes.

      That’s a running gag with Soldier hats, though… almost all of them cover the Soldier’s eyes.

  • Powerlord says:

    I apologize for the darkness of these screenshots. I had some screenshots takes in KOTH Sawmill’s spawn room, but on my system, they make the Humanitarian’s Hachimaki look washed out.

    For reference, these were taken in the spawnroom for KOTH Lakeside.

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