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Minecraft is a fun game, I think (almost) everyone can agree on that. However, the main game eventually gets a little boring – at least it did for me. Good thing there is a dedicated community of amazing modders, showing Notch what’s possible with his amazing game. Our own Lucas McCoy wrote a great blog post on how to mod your game, so I figured a mod highlight was in order.

The Single Player Commands mod was written by simo_415 of the Minecraft Forums. It allows you to open up a textbox by pressing the T key, similar to chatting in multiplayer. There are tons of commands to use with this mod, so let’s start with the obvious /fly.


This command is useful for showing off your amazing structures, or just simply for flying around the map. Some other useful commands are /give [item] [quantity] and /time [day/night], which are extremely useful for building mega-structures. (More on building mega-structures later in this blog post.) However, the mod also includes commands with things you may not expect like /dropchest, which will create a double-chest and deposit all the items in your inventory into it.

Gloomy weather for a gloomy day. (/weather rain)

All the commands for the SPC mod can be found in the thread linked in the introduction.

However, the main attraction of the Single Player Commands mod is WorldEdit, which is included in the download. WorldEdit is an extremely powerful way to create large and intricate structures, or to easily make refinements to existing ones. The first command to visit is //wand. Using it grants you a Wooden Axe in your hand.

What a mysterious item.

This wand is the basis of the WorldEdit mod. When you left-click a block with it in hand, a handy notification shows up in the chat window alerting you that you have selected that block as point #1. Can you guess how you set point #2? (Hint: You do so by right-clicking another block.)

What you have done by doing this is selected a cube, with point #1 as one vertex and point #2 as the opposite vertex. These are the blocks that will be affected by the commands you type in. First, let’s start with something simple. Typing in //set glass will result in exactly what you expect – the blocks selected all change into glass.

One powerful feature of WorldEdit’s set command is that you can tell it to set some of the blocks to one type, and some of them to another type. Typing //set 25%cloth:red,25%cloth:green,25%cloth:blue,25%cloth:yellow will result in a very colourful floor pattern. (Apparently putting spaces between the commas creates a syntax error, so don’t use correct formatting!)


If you don’t like what you just changed, there’s an easy way to revert. Typing //undo will undo your last command. As well, //redo will bring back any changes you have undone.

There are also commands to edit the areas you have selected with the wand. //expand up 5 and //contract west 3 will increase your selection by 5 blocks up and shrink your selection by 3 in the west direction respectively. If you don’t specify a direction, the mod will pick the direction you’re facing, which is helpful if you’re not quite sure which way is which.

Created with WorldEdit!

This is the gist of WorldEdit; for an exhaustive list of all the commands available, you can check out its wiki.

Happy mining!

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