Does GLaDOS hate Atlas, the blue robot?

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Meet P-Body and Atlas, the two co-op robot characters from Portal 2.

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Ronan was wondering whether GLaDOS hates Altas, because while P-Body mostly gets comments, Atlas gets referred to as “Dead Weight”. Now we all know GLaDOS doesn’t like pretty much anyone and even if she did, she would probably try and gas them… But still is there any proof in the game that she actually hates Atlas (more so than P-Body)?

Mark argues that it doesn’t seem to be that way; rather, GLaDOS tries to divide the co-op players by favoring one over the other. In this video, GLaDOS awards both players with “five science collaboration points.”

She also makes jokes about one player’s performance, but doesn’t tell us which one. She makes fun of the players by stating that one player handles the cerebral challenges well and the other is “ready to ponderously wander into action should the test suddenly become an eating contest,” but again doesn’t say who is better.

However, as badp points out, the developer commentary mentions that blue is supposed to be a prototype robot, with yellow being a more advanced model.

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Nick T went through even greater trouble and looked at GLaDOS’s dialog script, which proved that at least she hates Blue a little more. From: glados.mp_subterfuge_misc06

“I just hate Blue a little more.”

However, I guess we’ll have to conclude that GLaDOS hates just about everyone… So no cake for either of them!

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