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SPC and WorldEdit – Two Great Minecraft Mods

2011-05-11 by KevinY. 0 comments

Minecraft is a fun game, I think (almost) everyone can agree on that. However, the main game eventually gets a little boring – at least it did for me. Good thing there is a dedicated community of amazing modders, showing Notch what’s possible with his amazing game. Our own Lucas McCoy wrote a great blog post on how to mod your game, so I figured a mod highlight was in order. more »

Minecraft on a Mac Mini: an interview with a Minecraft admin

2011-05-10 by Lucas McCoy. 0 comments

Amiantos, tells us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a 26 year old internet addict from Los Angeles. In addition to the server I run a music blog at and occasionally review iOS apps at I’ve been playing Minecraft since August of last year, but didn’t really play multiplayer until about the time I started up the server a month ago. The server also has it’s own reddit thread. I’ve never built anything cool, but I like to dig big holes…

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10 Awesome Things to Try in Minecraft

2011-05-09 by fredley. 5 comments

Minecraft is a game that needs no introduction, but user ndefontenay asks What is the goal of Minecraft?

What is the goal of Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game, and although the latest release brought achievements to the game, it still has essentially no structure, you’re free to do whatever you want. Because of this, players are free set there own goals of what they want to achieve with the game, and some of the things people have done are breathtaking! Here’s my top 10 favourite Minecraft ‘creations’, which can serve as inspiration to anyone starting out with the game:

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Get lost!

2011-05-05 by Ronan Forman. 2 comments
Minecrafter and Stack Exchanger Fbrereto needed some Tips for not getting lost underground? because he found compasses of no use if the cave extended underneath the spawn or was too far away to show any change. A whole host of suggestion were given, so much so that we thought it deserved blog post. So in order of up-votes: How do you avoid getting lost? more »

Like a Rat in a War-Themed Hat Simulator

2011-05-04 by Arda Xi. 1 comments

Video games are addictive. There are plenty of studies on this. For most games, this is not intentional, because they only had a one-time payment of ¤50.* However, lately, games include DLC for a price, and it becomes more important to keep the player addicted. MMOs were the first to do this, but now it’s leaking into other types of games as well. In this article, I’m focusing on everyone’s favourite war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2. more »

Spore Sucks

2011-05-03 by tzenes. 7 comments

I wrote this back in 2008 as a product review on, but I never published it there as I normally have a policy about publishing things when I’m angry.  After my last post someone asked me for this, and I have reluctantly agreed to supply it.

I figured out why Spore sucks last night.  It took me six hours to actually realize why.  I think I spent so much time on it because I refused to believe that it sucked.  I have waited in eager anticipation for this game since E3 2005.  I laughed when Robin Williams first got his hands on it, and again when Scott Ramsoomair thought about doing the same, and a third time at the penis monsters.  I even reveled when I finally saw a live deep crow.  Sadly, the creature creator is the best part of the final game.   No, let me rephrase that, it doesn’t convey my disapproval.  The creature creator is the ONLY good part of the game, and you can download it for free on their website. more »

Does GLaDOS hate Atlas, the blue robot?

2011-05-02 by ivoflipse. 0 comments

Meet P-Body and Atlas, the two co-op robot characters from Portal 2.

enter image description here

Ronan was wondering whether GLaDOS hates Altas, because while P-Body mostly gets comments, Atlas gets referred to as “Dead Weight”. Now we all know GLaDOS doesn’t like pretty much anyone and even if she did, she would probably try and gas them… But still is there any proof in the game that she actually hates Atlas (more so than P-Body)?

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