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Storm8 games, you’ve probably seen them around when browsing the App Store or Android Market. There are currently nine games from them available:

  • World War
  • Racing Live
  • iMobsters
  • Pets Live
  • Ninjas Live
  • Vampires
  • Kingdoms Live
  • Zombies Live
  • Rock Battle Live

Every game has a pretty much similar layout, though the naming scheme is tailored to the theme of the game.

The Basics

You level up by doing missions or battle fellow gamers (live!). You buy income buildings to sustain your economy or or defense buildings to help protect you. You can also built your own Alliance by inviting others by their Storm8 ID or your own Alliance code. When you gain a level, you get 3 Skill Points to spend on upgrading your:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Max Energy
  • Max Health
  • Max Ammo

Now when you start the game, invest as much points in Energy, as you need to these to perform missions, which in turn will help you get access to higher income buildings. To do missions you need: sufficient energy, all the required units and a certain amount of Alliance members. The key lesson for every newbie: try to level up with the smallest possible Alliance, as its easier to max out your protection, so you’ll never loose a battle. Losing battles means you’ll loose income and they hurt your pride + stats, so don’t do that! Another important factor: you get placed based on the number of Alliance. 0-4, 5-9, 10-14, you get the idea. If you don’t want to loose, make sure you always stay at *4 or *9 Alliance members.

When building an army, get the minimal amount of units that let’s you do your missions. Unless they add up to maxing out your defense, sell any units that require an upkeep, because they’ll drain your income and don’t keep you from being invincible. Keep in mind that for every Alliance member, you get to use 5 units while fighting, so if you have an Alliance of 90 (including you), you’ll need 450 units. Since all units after a certain level require upkeep, its best to try and max out your defense, by buying the maximal amount of defense units. Obviously, you don’t need to dump your entire army as soon as the first upgrade comes around, but try to keep this as high as possible.

Income Camping

Another thing you’ll be doing is building income or defense buildings. One strategy you’ll hear about on the Storm8 Forums is Income Camping which means you’ll hang around at a low level. You only leveling up by doing missions (you don’t attack yourself) or try not to level at all, but instead reinvest all your income into more income buildings. In World War you gain new income every 50 minutes and you should always try to keep your amount of cash as low as possible. This way they can’t steal it from you when you loose a battle and it means your investing your money as much as possible. While its tempting to keep buying the building with the highest income, the cost will increase with ~10% per purchase, so you’ll have to check the Return on Investment to decide what to buy.

In most games, but not all, you can buy defense buildings, they help you bridge the gap between the attack units which start to outpace the defense units at higher levels and if you have enough can even remove the need for any defense units. In my case, I have an Alliance size of 139, so a maxed out opponent will have 108.000 attack points. Lucky for me, I have 137.011 defense building points so unless I get attacked by significantly stronger opponents, I have nothing to fear.

You’d might be wondering: how can you meet stronger opponents if you get placed based on your level and Alliance size? Well there’s a concept of getting sanctioned, which your opponent can use against you if you try grieving them by attacking them multiple times in a row. This is also a very good reason, at least in the beginning, to not attack your opponent 5 times in a row, but spread the pain over several users. Unless you want to meet up with a veteran level 200+ player, who laughs at your puny army…

Now you might think this all takes a lot of calculating and is becoming far too complicated. Luckily, that’s where cheat sheets come in! [requires you to sign up to their forum to download] With the cheat sheet, you simply fill in all your stats and it will help you choose what units or buildings to buy. It also makes it very clear where you might be losing income or have a weak spot in your defense.

What about the other games?

As for the other versions:

  • Racing Live, iMobsters and Kingdom Live don’t have defense buildings. You’ll need to max out on defense units to stay alive (which should be pretty doable).
  • Ninja Live and Pets Live have only limited slots for buying income and defense buildings. I suggest you max out your defense units and take it slow, so you can built up some reserves later.
  • Zombies Live and Vampires Live play against one another and your defense ‘building’ only work against the opposite team. If you attack, make sure you attack your own faction, because they can’t use their defense buildings against you.

This should get you a long way to kicking ass on World War and the other Storm8 games, though it might take quite some time. I generally play the game when I’m bored and I click through all the versions of the game for a couple of minutes, then go back to do something useful. Note that it does require an internet connection and can perform quite slow if the connection is bad. It can also drain your battery if its not auto-killed, because the game constantly keeps checking if you get attacked or have enough energy to do more missions, so be wary!

If you have any tactics of your own, share them with us in the comments!

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