Who has been drawing in the Aperture Science Enrichtment Center?

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Remember this from back in Portal?

Somewhere in a hidden room near chamber 17 we suddenly see the following drawings and posters:

Alongside pictures of Cave Johnson (it reads “Our founder”) and a Girl, the words ‘R.I.P.‘ and ‘Trust me‘, it reads:

The vital apparatus vent will deliver. Oh, it will. WILL. The weighted companion cube DOES speak. Superstitions perceiving inanimate objects as alive, and hallucinations. I’m not hallucinating. You are. The companion cube will never desert me. Desert. So long. Cake. Ha ha. Cake. A lie. The companion cube would never lie to me. NEVER. login: cjohnson password: tier3 THE GIRLS OF APERTURE SCIENCE No One Owns The Future Yet SEPTEMBER 1983

That seems like a crazy man, he does however have access to Cave Johnson’s account. Perhaps he is a close relative? Or is he a hacker?

In another corner we also see more of it…

He really is a fan of the cube, but he wonders where the cube is as he writes ‘Where are you? I will find you.’.

COMPANION CUBE You said to take care of it. How can I? You wouldn’t let me. I should disregard your advice. Leave me alone! STOP WATCHING Though earth and man are gone, I thought the cube would last forever. I WAS WRONG Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me The cube had food and maybe ammo and immortality. Why, why, why, why, Why, why, why, why, Why, why, why, why, Why, why, why, why, why, why????????????? Not in cruelty, Not in wrath, The REAPER came today; An ANGEL visited this gray path, And took the cube away.

In the maintenance areas and in Chamber 16 we also see the following come back:

Alongside posters of the cake which seems to be ‘Tasty’ and one of ‘A Trusted Friend In Science’ (perhaps referring to the cube?) we read:

The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie.

And then a turret seems to be talking to a cube in the drawing on the bottom left:

Hello? Can I help you?

He also seems to be counting to one or another impact, as the arrows are pointing to such a drawing.

Similar drawings seen in Portal 2

In the question What’s the story behind the drawings on the wall in Portal 2 we see similar drawings on the walls.

You see people that are becoming mad because of the creation, a man bending over to a cube either praying or giving over. Chell near GLaDOS on the other wall along someone or something holding a cube. Also note that there are moon drawings on the ceiling with numbers, perhaps he was counting for the impact of the moon onto the earth?

Something about Schrodinger’s cat and some mathematics that don’t really make sense to most of us.

This picture contains a quote:

The bell invites, hear the turret, for it is knell. That summons to heaven or to hell.

Which seems to be a Macbeth quote:

I go, and it is done; the bell invites me. Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell. That summons thee to heaven or to hell.

Okay, it’s all interesting… But who has drawn those?

Merus explains how we see the drawings in Portal 2 are made by Rat Man, make sure that you have read the Lab Rat comic:

The drawings on the walls were done by the Rat Man (real name Doug Rattmann), a schizophrenic former employee of Aperture Science. He was convinced GLaDOS would continue to try to kill Aperture employees if switched on, and so took precautions when GLaDOS was ‘fixed’ and reactivated, thereby surviving GlaDOS flooding the Enrichment Centre with a deadly neurotoxin. He manipulated the order GlaDOS chose test subjects to put Chell first, as Aperture/GlaDOS had identified her as being abnormally tenacious and thus unsuitable for testing (hence the bell curve); his hope was that she’d be more capable of frustrating GlaDOS than he was. The images you see around the portal gun are a retelling of the events in Portal; Aperture turns GlaDOS on; GlaDOS floods the Enrichment Centre with a deadly neurotoxin; Chell resists GLaDOS’s cakey temptation and destroys her, and is put into suspended animation. Most of his handiwork is from after his pills ran out. Not all of it is logical.

acmchar further outlines the equations:

Merus’ answer is great for covering the reason for the writing (and especially for the third image). I want to clarify what some of the equations are in the second image. From left, the first equation (starting with t, and including the equation below it starting with gamma) is referencing Time Dilation(Special relativity). The equation above that is Schrodinger’s Equation for a Single Particle in a Potential Well. I’ll let you infer from that what you will. The bottom right equations are Maxwell’s Laws The right hand equation is a wave-particle’s momentum, part of a “derivation” of Schrodinger’s Equation. I believe the bottom left equation is the time independent Schrodinger equation, though I can’t find the exact formulation to confirm this.
Now, we verify that all drawing are by the same person:
  • Take in mind that some time has passed between both games, thus style can differ between both.
  • Portal 2, all pictures: The room can be seen in all pictures.
  • Portal 2, first picture: We see these drawings appear in the Lab Rat comic.
  • Portal 2, second picture: Rat Man is mad at the cube, that’s why he sees it as a cat.
  • Portal 2, last picture: The moon seems to have an influence on Chell’s Tenacity, the doll is circled inside the moon in the Lab Rat comic.
  • Portal, first picture: Remember the handwriting, however, the cube gives the idea that it’s Rat Man as he carries it along it the Lab Rat comic.
  • Portal, second picture: Not much different from the first picture, we don’t see anything extra that could verify it. It’s the same room anyway…
  • Portal, last picture: We see the same handwriting and a rat hand three times, this confirms that these three pictures were also drawn by Rat Man.
We are sure they are all drawn by the Rat Man now, but there are still small things that leave us wondering. Have you for example seen the binary numbers in the Lab Rat comic? The thing that really leave me wondering is what the purpose would be of counting down the impact like thing or perhaps it’s that ball used to solve the puzzles… What do you think?

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