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The Adventures of Lam Laminaus, Intergalactic Suicidal Assassin Squid

2011-06-06 by yx_. 0 comments

X3: Terran Conflict, or X3TC for short, is the latest game set in the X universe made by Egosoft.  The best way to describe X3TC is a sandbox style free-roaming game in a universe that is connected by a series of jump gates.  Although the player starts out small, they can eventually be in control of an empire that spans the entire known  galactic space with fleets of ships and hundreds of sector spanning factory complexes.  The last time I played X3TC was version 1.5.  Since then, Egosoft has be steadily adding patches and content into the game, which is now up to version 3.1.  Eager to jump in to discover the new missions and content, I’ve decided to fire up the game once again and log my adventure.

Read on for: A new beginning…

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