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How to Shoot People in Frozen Synapse

2011-07-29 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Frozen Synapse

I’ve been playing Frozen Synapse – a superb simultaneous-turn based small-squad combat strategy indie game – for a few weeks now. In my previous post I discussed a few “defensive” tips, concentrating on how not to get shot, and now I’d like to share a few more tips with you all.

As per last time, these are merely quite simple ways in which you should be manipulating the game mechanics to help you win more games.

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50 Items You Want to Stick With in TF2

2011-07-27 by badp. 2 comments

So you just installed TF2, and you started playing, and you like it! However, your one page of loadout goodness is barely enough to keep up with your first few weeks of drops. You have to prioritize. You’ll have to discard some items to make room for others.

Certainly you’ll want to try each item before deleting, but some items are objectively better than others.

Here’s, in my humble opinion, the items you want to stick with, plus other alternatives that didn’t make the cut.

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The Very Condensed Guide To Novice Engineers’ Construction Strategy So That You Never Again Build A Sentry Gun Right Outside Your Spawn Door For The Love Of God Please Stop

2011-07-22 by badp. 0 comments

Originally posted on Reddit in a moment of frustration. Check the comments for some helpful gunslinger tips. Also check out my previous post on the topic.

tl;dr: Teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleportsTeleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports! …yes! more »

How Not to Be Shot in Frozen Synapse

2011-07-20 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Frozen Synapse

I’ve been playing Frozen Synapse – a superb simultaneous-turn based small-squad combat strategy indie game – for a few weeks now and would like to share a few tips with you all.

These aren’t going to be some grand strategies, guaranteed manoeuvres or power plays, but merely quite simple ways in which you can – and should – be manipulating the game mechanics in every game you play to help your guys not be shot as much. Specifically, they are recurring things that I have  seen new players, myself included in my earliest matches, fail to be aware of.

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A Diablo fan’s perspective on Dungeon Siege 3

2011-07-18 by bwarner. 4 comments

No hidden biases here.  I’m laying it right out there.  I’m a big fan of Diablo, and its more recent spiritual brother, Torchlight.  While normally a fan of slower turn-based strategic games, there’s something about the frantic slaying of monsters and gathering of loot that keeps me coming back for more.  I had never played the Dungeon Siege series, but reading the description it sounded like it would provide more of what I love, and I set out eager to enjoy it.

Now, about 8 hours into the game, I find myself torn between progressing further, or taking another romp through Torchlight.  For a reason that I found difficult to put a finger on, Dungeon Siege just didn’t grab me in the way Diablo and its kin have.  So, what is it that differentiates Dungeon Siege 3?  Am I just the wrong audience for an otherwise fine game?

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First Impressions of Civ World

2011-07-15 by fabian. 0 comments

When it was announced some time ago that a Civilization game would come to Facebook I was skeptical, a Civilization game designed for a casual audience didn’t sound very appealing. The fact that Sid Meier was said to have an active role in designing the game piqued my interest, so when I read that it entered public beta I decided to try it out despite my aversion to all things connected to Facebook.

The login servers seem to be busy a lot at the moment, this is just one of the many technical problems of the game.

To summarize my first impression of the game, it only shares the name and some superficial similarities with the original Civilization games. If you expect a 4X game you will be disappointed. Currently it is also a completely broken mess, unplayable due to game-breaking bugs. I’m not talking about smaller bugs that are expected to occur in a beta, but serious, very frequent bugs that pretty much randomize which civilization wins the game. I haven’t played long enough to see how deep the strategy can go in the game, but at the moment any strategy is useless if the rewards for your efforts are randomly distributed to an opposing civilization.

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Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent 2

2011-07-13 by DMA57361. 0 comments

A few weeks ago I had a look at Puzzle Agent, a game quite similar to Professor Layton series on the DS in construction – a point and click adventure game with brain-teaser puzzles. The original was very short and had some implementation issues that tarnished the experience a little bit, but the narrative was well delivered and overall I really enjoyed playing the game.

The sequel landed on the 30th June, and I’ve now played it through. Unfortunately, Puzzle Agent 2 is a disappointing sequel, let me tell you why…

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Not a Minecraft post

2011-07-11 by Ronan Forman. 4 comments

I’m not going to be reviewing this game as such, if you want to know what’s in it just watch the trailer:

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Have a ball, with Proun

2011-07-06 by DMA57361. 1 comments

Proun is a little indie number that came out for Windows on Friday 24th June, it’s an “abstract racer” and I highly recommend taking a look. It’s been released on a “pay what you want” model (including free!), so there’s really no excuse not to try it.

Let’s have a closer look…

Global Agenda goes F2P, but is it worth your time?

2011-07-04 by yx_. 0 comments

Global Agenda is an online team-based third person shooter that recently went to the free-to-play model.  The game world is set in a post apocalyptic 22nd century Earth where a severe global disaster has decimated the majority of Earth’s population and a tyrannical government called the Commonwealth rules through an army of artificially intelligent robots.  Inhabitable land in this desolate world is scarce, and subject to intense scrabbles between Agencies for domination.

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