Global Agenda goes F2P, but is it worth your time?

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Global Agenda is an online team-based third person shooter that recently went to the free-to-play model.  The game world is set in a post apocalyptic 22nd century Earth where a severe global disaster has decimated the majority of Earth’s population and a tyrannical government called the Commonwealth rules through an army of artificially intelligent robots.  Inhabitable land in this desolate world is scarce, and subject to intense scrabbles between Agencies for domination.

Character Customization:

The game itself features four main classes: the Assault, Medic, Recon, and Robotics.  Characters of each class have access to various melee and ranged weapons, as well as special class only abilities and a jet pack.  The character creation process itself allows for a wide variety of choices for appearance.  On top of that, Global Agenda also allows for a large degree of appearance customization with specialized appearance armor that can be colored with different dye combinations.  All these combinations pretty much guarantees that no two agents will look alike.


It was not until version 1.3 that an explorable world was implemented into the game.  Up until that point, all PvE and PvP events were instanced for each squad of players.  After spending some time in the only zone that is currently implemented as well as various low level instanced missions, I find myself preferring the instanced missions more and more.  First of all, traveling through the instanced zones involved many minutes of boring jet packing to a sector, the destruction of a bunch of enemies, and jet packing back to obtain the quest reward.  Being able to go through an instanced zone knowing that there’s an enemy boss out there and knowing that you don’t have to make the trip back to obtain the reward (the rewards are automatically assigned at the end of the mission) is a big plus.  On the other hand, I can see the need for a more connected world as I had a lot of fun zooming around in the jet pack going down into holes in the ground and up onto cliffs.  This did not last long, however, as most of the terrain is pretty barren and harsh.  The explorable world definitely felt like it was tacked on as an afterthought (which it was), and gave the game an overall ‘unfinished’ feeling.


A turret nest

Being a newbie to the game, the only PvP I started out doing are the mercenary missions.  These missions mostly consist of two types, control points and capture the flag.  On some maps, the control points can be simultaneously captured, on others, only one control point is active at a time, and finally, there are maps where one team is the attacking team while another is the defending team in an assault style map involving control points.  There is also one map where it plays out like capture the flag.  One thing I really enjoyed about the PvP is the relative balance of the agents.  Even though I am level one, and there are level 50s out there, I did not feel like they had a way of one shotting me.  Even though I am at a slight disadvantage as my weapons don’t do as much damage and I use up more power for my skills, or have a longer cool down, I felt that I was able to contribute to my team.  I mostly played as the robotics class and I assisted my team by placing healing points, setting up temporary shield walls, and putting up turrets in key positions.

Micro-transactions: There are three types of currency in GA.  The first of which is credits, which you can earn by selling in game weapons and stuff you find to other players or shops, and by completing quests and missions.  Credits allows you to buy the basic in game equipment but not much else.  The second type of currency is called tokens.  Tokens are earned through completing multiplayer PvE and PvP missions (win or lose), but there is a way to earn tokens fast, and that is through the use of purchasing a booster (more on this later) through the store.  Finally, the last type of currency are Agent Points, and these can only be purchased in the store.  Most of the best gear in the game can be purchased from other players for credits, or from the NPC shopkeepers for tokens or agent points.  There are some very select appearance items that can only be bought with agent points, but these are few and far in between.

At the end of every mission, there are three reward panels that a player can earn.  The very basic reward is for all players, and that consist of experience, credits, and some tokens.  The next panel are for “Elite Agents”, basically people who previously purchased GA before it went F2P or new players who purchase a one-time elite agent pack from the store ($20 usually, unless you find a 30% off coupon code).  The elite agent reward panel consist of more credits, XP, and tokens, but on top of that, a random item at the end of the mission.  Finally, there is the booster pack, which is the equivalent of a monthly subscription (it has a limited duration that is by calendar date, not play time).  When you have the booster pack, the last column of rewards is given to you, which is even more XP, credits, tokens, and another item.  The micro transaction shop basically offers a shortcut for most players to purchase the best gear without having to grind for them.


Overall, I really enjoyed the team oriented combat and format, though I was a little put off by the way micro transactions were presented, but I am glad the game is somewhat balanced where a paying customer doesn’t have an advantage over a nonpaying customer.  A little more variety in the maps would go a long way towards making the game much more enjoyable.

Recommendation: Try it out



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