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While I’ve really enjoyed writing up the Gamescom trip diaries, they take me a very long time to put together because I have to sort the photos, transcribe my notes (my handwriting is so, so bad), then actually do the writing and piece together the entry and format it and add pictures all while running on very little sleep and being distracted by the internet and gaaaah. I’d like to thoroughly thank my fellow bloggers for the help in getting the pictures for my posts together and formatting them nicely for me.

Today, I am… really, really tired. I’ve managed somewhere around 20 hours of sleep since Tuesday, and I’m running ragged. I need to get a full night’s sleep tonight so I can survive tomorrow. I slept in a bit late today and it was very hard for me to get out of bed because I’m just really exhausted. We need to check out of the hotel by 11am tomorrow, so I have to be able to wake for that. In addition, typing up the blog posts takes a long time, and doing so keeps Jochem half-awake. Seeing as he needs to drive us 300km tomorrow and get us home in one piece, I want to make sure we’re both rested tonight.

In short though, today involved:

  • Having to wait in line for the Messe with thousands of other people
  • Being afraid I was going to get trampled by the crowd around the doors
  • Interviewing Carbine Studios Art Director Matthew Mocarski about WildStar Online (which will go up later this week)
  • Checking out DotA2 after we finally found where it was hosted
  • Taking pictures of some great casemods
  • Taking more pictures in the Retro Gaming area
  • Getting my hands on the PSVita
  • Trying to play the Anno 2070 demo in German
  • Taking a picture with a bunch of ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 staff

Stay tuned to the blog over the next week or so to read my full trip diary on those bullet points, and the rest of the wrapups. Due to our long trip back home on Sunday, so I likely will not get a chance to blog then either. Our other bloggers have some stuff in the pipeline though, so I’m sure they’ll keep you entertained! Apologies for not being able to post the diary tonight, but with not getting back to the hotel until 9pm and having to be awake early for checkout tomorrow, there’s just not enough time for me to do it and, y’know, not faceplant.

Remember, you can follow me on Twitter to see where I am and what I’m waiting in line for doing on the very last day of Gamescom!

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