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Recently The Humble Bundle got another seven games added to the arsenal. Two of these you get just for buying the bundle but another five (formally bundle #2) you get if you pay over the average price. Because of this update, and the fact you’ve only go until Tuesday to pick it up, we thought we ought to give you a quick taste of what other games you can play. If you haven’t already, check out my post for the previous five games.

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

Steel Storm I didn’t like this game, whether it was the clunky control system, lack of direction or misuse of the term primary objective (it being the least important one). I never played past the first level. Maybe I missed something in this game, but it’s hard to tell what I’m supposed to do.

Atom Zombie Smasher

Atom Zombie Smasher Amidst a zombie outbreak you must use helicopter evacs, zombie bait and artillery fire to rescue as many people from the towns as possible. This tactical tower defence-esque game requires skill and planning to work out how the zombies will move and how they will react to the different thing you throw at them. There isn’t just a target of how many you need to save each level, there’s also a running score between you and the hoard, replay those levels to save as many people as possible and maybe you’ll be rewarded. This game tends to lack instructions and it will take you some time to get used to but it’s a fun game and like most of the other games in this bundle, a good time waster.

Bundle #2

These are the games that you have to pay that little bit more for, but don’t worry, if you bought the bundle before the 3rd of August you get these games regardless of what you paid!


Braid Braid isn’t just a game; it’s an experience, and one which everyone should play. A puzzle platformer game by Johnathon Blow, Braid places you in the role of Tim on his journey to find a princess.

The main aim of the game is to work your way through the various worlds collecting all the puzzle pieces in each world. The puzzles themselves all revolve around the theme of time and controlling it. In one world you’ll be reversing time to collect an out of reach key, and in the next you’ll be slowing down time to use monsters as a bridge. Solving the puzzles will require you to change your way of thinking, and are as much about understanding the puzzles as they are about discovering your powers. Some puzzles may stump you for hours, until you finally realize you’ve been thinking about the puzzle all wrong and the solution becomes apparent. It’s moments like these in which the brilliance of the puzzles really shines through.

However, as inspired as the puzzles are they are not why your thoughts will keep turning to Braid again and again after you have long since completed it. For beneath brilliant puzzles lies an even more brilliant story. Told through a combination of story books, pictures and the puzzles themselves Braid offers one of the most engaging stories in gaming to date. The story is up to you to discover. Some will see it is as nothing more then Tim’s journey to find a princess, and others will see it as reflection on humanity itself. Whether it’s for the brilliant gameplay or engaging story, one thing is certain: you need to experience Braid. ~Wipqozn

Cortex command

Cortex command This game is still in development, and it shows, there are a few flaws in the game design, first of all the characters don’t move properly and will often crumble to the floor after jumping, but it’s not clear whether this is a glitch or not. You also cannot see your cursor, which makes aiming very difficult, I haven’t played much of this game (the tutorial) but from what I can tell it’s a good concept poorly executed.


Machinarium The game starts with what appears to be a dark feel, there is almost no text in the entire game and until half way though, there are very few characters, and most of them pay no interest to you, the speech system works remarkably well, as instead of showing what they say it shows what they mean, this keeps the speech shorter as they can convey whole paragraphs in three pictures, and you character can talk to you without breaking the fourth wall.

At times the game does suffer from do-what-the-dev-did where your perfectly thought out plan won’t work because the game devs didn’t think of it. The great art style and the subtle backstory creates more of an interactive story where you’re really rooting for the little guy by the end.


Osmos Physics based arcade game where you control a bacteria/cell/blob/thing that can only move by firing parts of itself in the opposite direction thus making you smaller. This is a problem as to win you must absorb other blob things and you can only do that if you are bigger than them, else you get absorbed by them. There are three main objectives: Be the biggest, which is sort of self explanatory. Absorb the Repulsor/Attractor where you must get a certain cell, on the latter type it’s huge and your in orbit around it. And absorb the Biophobe where you must absorb a cell that can also move and is trying to absorb you. There are many more levels but they all follow this main structure. I suppose it comes with the physics side of the game but it is very difficult to control, at times it feels like you’re suggesting where the cell should move rather than actually controlling it.

This game does not feature multiplayer, which is unfortunate because I could really imagine a competitive mode where you had to a race to become a certain size, or to absorb a certain cell.

Revenge of the Titans

Revenge of the Titans Tower defence with a slight real time strategy twist, the oncoming siege of aliens have a track to stick to, but it’s only a preference and they will break from this to take shortcuts or even directly attack your buildings, and later on you get buildings that help you shepherd them to specific routes. It’s this last factor that makes it not quite your standard tower defense, because placing your buildings in the wrong place or wrong order can result in those expensive buildings getting trashed..

You must place your turrets, factories, mines and blockades to stop them, use refineries to gain more resources and place booster building near all of these to effectively upgrade. After every level you get a choice of a single item of research, but choose wisely as there are lots of dependencies between the items and some are almost vital for some levels, but at the same time you get little guidance (and if you get to the level with the first armoured titans and haven’t got the heavy blasters ready, you’re in trouble). There are a couple of cash bonuses in the levels for things such as mining all the minerals on the map or not getting damage, and these help fund the war effort and provide more cash on future levels.

The game’s graphics are very reminiscent of Space Invaders, with the aliens blocky head like ships moving down the screen towards your base, stopping off to chew you turrets for a bit.

That’s all folks! – Hopefully…

If there wasn’t already enough reason to buy the bundle, that was just seven games more of a reason! You’ve only got until Tuesday, so hurry up!

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