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If you play Minecraft more for its creative aspect rather than the survival feel, you may be very interested in this mod. One of my previous blog posts showcased the Single Player Commands mod. SPC has the very handy /i command, but it gets very tedious to type each command in repeatedly to fill your inventory. The answer? TooManyItems!

The TooManyItems mod

TooManyItems is a nice mod that appears when you open your inventory. From the screenshot above, it’s fairly obvious what the mod does, but it allows you to spawn items simply by selecting them in the sidebar on the right. It essentially functions as an in-game version of INVedit and the like.

However, TooManyItems boasts features that make it a great mod package to install. The first great feature is the “trash button”. By selecting an item in your inventory and clicking on the trash button with it, you will destroy the item. This is convenient when you want to dispose of items but don’t want to accidentally pick them up afterwards. No need for those lava or cactus garbage cans anymore! A hidden feature is that you can hold Shift, which converts the button into a “Trash All” button. This does exactly what it advertises – it deletes all items in your inventory.

Don't want dirt? Throw it away!

Another attractive feature is the array of buttons located to the left of your inventory. These are essentially save slots for your items; each button can “store” a list of items for later retrieval. Pressing “Save #” will record your current inventory into that button, and then pressing “Load #” will recall it. This is very useful for if you want easy access to various inventories (one inventory for building materials, one for Redstone supplies, one for tools).

For those who frequent “creative servers” on multiplayer, TooManyItems is a life-saver. The mod is programmed to, when on multiplayer, send the appropriate /i or /give command for the item selected, saving a lot of typing. The command sent to the server is customizable, in case your server uses a unorthodox command for spawning items. A very handy feature indeed.

TooManyItems is a very well designed mod. When a new mod-breaking update comes out, Marglyph, the author of the mod, very swiftly updates it, ensuring it is always compatible with the current version of Minecraft. Definitely a mod to check out.

Happy mining!

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    +1 for posting this excellent tool. However, -1 for not mentioning the humble Gaming.SE user who first posted this in an answer.

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