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Online with OnLive

2011-09-26 by DMA57361. 0 comments

The OnLive service hit the UK recently. The principle is simple – you never install the game locally, your machine just sends all your input to their server, it does all the rendering and sends the images back to your computer to display. You don’t need a powerful PC to run the top end games, just a reasonably fat internet connection.

SJohnston has previously had a look at the service, taking a good look at the more technical aspects of the system and enumerating the advantages and disadvantages. Even with all this in hand it’s fair to say I was still very dubious of the service, but the opportunity to try PC games out for free, or even rent them, had drawn my attention – I was just waiting for it to land on my shores.

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Rethinking “Gameplay vs. Graphics”

2011-09-19 by DMA57361. 1 comments

It’s one of the perpetual arguments of gamers – which is more important, gameplay or graphics? To be honest I’ve always answered “gameplay”, without bothered putting any real thought in to the question.

A number of games over the course of the last year or so recently have got me thinking about this question, re-evaluating my stance and coming to an important realisation:

It is a meaningless question

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Quickfix

2011-09-16 by badp. 9 comments

"please use normal uber"

Perhaps the most controversial item that we got from the Uber Update (yeah, old news) is the Quick Fix. There’s a vocal bunch of people that actively dislikes it and ask medics to switch to one of the two classic medic guns, and well, it is undeniable that the quickfix does have a few major downsides in respect to the regular medi gun.

Namely, the #1 reason why people oppose the use of the quickfix is its uber does not grant you invulnerability. Well, invulnerability definitely is every bit as cool as it sounds. Yes, if you use the quickfix too late you’re going to die shortly after using it, and your patient is going to follow you and more people are going to say, “told ya, stop using the quickfix.” And perhaps they have a point.

A less heard of, but just as critical downside of the quickfix is, it can’t overheal. This is huge when facing pocket medics from other mediguns: a heavy healed by a quickfix gun isn’t going to win in a 1v1 vs a heavy overhealed and healed by a normal medigun, unless the quickfix medic pops the uber and the other medic doesn’t. You’ll have to bring more gun.

Aside: if the patient is already overhealed, however, the quickfix will let you hold that overheal; it won’t replenish it when it absorbs damage, however. Dispensers also do that, so next time do stop by and overheal your engie by his nest.

So, you can’t overheal and you can’t give your team invulnerability, and you can’t give your team guaranteed critical shots. Let’s see what you can do though.

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Survival in the Jungle – A Week of Fun with Dead Island

2011-09-14 by yx_. 4 comments

2nd Review Attempt: The Revenge of the Zombies

Now that the launch mess has been sorted out, I finally got my hands on a proper copy of Dead Island.  Dead Island is best described as being the unholy lovechild of Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands, combining the zombie survival genre with Borderlands style loot collecting of weapons. Being a fan of any game involving zombies, I spent 30 hours thoroughly exploring and enjoying the game before writing this review.

Warning. Contains some spoilers!

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Welcome Back to Tropico, El Presidente! A Tropico 4 review

2011-09-12 by yx_. 3 comments

Tropico 4 is the latest installment published by Kalypso where you rule over an island sweat-shop paradise.  Having played the previous games, I am eager to resume my enlightened rule over the puny Tropicans while exploring the new features and gameplay.  There are 20 new missions and 10 different maps waiting to be dominated explored.

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The illusion of choice in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

2011-09-09 by DMA57361. 3 comments

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a bloody good game and one that I have been having a lot of fun with recently. Hell, I even had the foresight to sneak in an early question on the game to pick up my first Taxonomist badge on the network for it (muwhaha, that’s how to do it folks!).

However, it’s not without its flaws, and now that I’ve reached the end of the game there’s one part of Deus Ex where I’m left feeling just a little disappointed, not enough to spoil the game for me, but just a little niggle that I’d like to discuss today.

That is niggle is choice. It’s something you may have heard the developers talk about in pre-release coverage, and the game presents a lot of choice, in many different forms too, but some of it feels a little flat

Oh, and a quick warning: spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you’ve not finished the game yet (no really, I’m going to ruin the ending for you if you’ve not made it there already)

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Dead Island – a Bloody Mess

2011-09-07 by yx_. 4 comments

I am a huge fan of games involving zombies (I’m also a sucker for games involving jet packs). I am COMPELLED to play any zombie game, be it Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead or Atom Zombie Smasher (great indie game, by the way). Naturally when the first Dead Island teaser video came out showing the infection of a little girl using a nonlinear sequence presentation, I was hooked. I have been waiting eagerly ever since to play this game. Unfortunately, despite the release of the game on Steam, I am still eagerly waiting to play this game. So with no game to review due to its extreme bugginess, I have to occupy my time in another manner, so I present to you:

The 10 Buggiest (released) Games of All Time

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Better than free dungeons

2011-09-05 by bwarner. 1 comments

What’s better than free?  Well, I have to admit, there are few games that offer better value than the free alpha version of Desktop Dungeons.  I probably racked up at least 40 hours on it, divided by zero dollars…  That’s tough to beat.  But if anyone can do it, it’s the team behind Desktop Dungeons, and attempt it they have with the new paid version of the game that is currently going through beta testing.

Beta - Now with more whimsical graphics!

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Deus Ex Human Revolution: Hacking Made Easy

2011-09-02 by yx_. 10 comments

The hacking mini-game in Deus Ex Human Revolution is quite entertaining and is a great way of getting into places that offer more experience and loot as a reward.  Here are a few tips and tricks that can be used to greatly improve your chances of breaking into a system and getting the goods.

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