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Skyrim has taken over the site. At 350+ questions and 500,000 views, it’s now the third biggest game on the site…ever. And it’s only been four days!

With so many questions, you might have missed some of the real gems in there. So here are my favorite Skyrim questions that you might have missed:

5. How to get the people of a village like me again after killing their livestock?

Once upon a time, Zelda taught us not to kill chickens, but in games since then that lesson seems to have been lost. Well, Bethesda knows how to add the little touches, and apparently killing people’s livestock can be enough to turn an entire village against you. Fortunately, they also have short memories.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a vampire?

This is an example of what makes the site awesome: a comprehensive-yet-concise answer to an important question…with a little humor thrown in.  Apparently being a vampire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I guess team Jacob wins this fight.

3. Will new shopkeepers take the place of murdered ones?

Murder is a bit of a… theme… on the site, and Skyrim does not disappoint: the opportunities for murder are almost endless. Unfortunately, in some games murder has consequences.

2. Is a horse actually faster than running? 

Okay, I’m biased: this is my own question. But the answer (posted only 7 minutes after my question!) is priceless. Not only are horses faster, they are also apparently quite adept at climbing mountains…and then falling to their deaths.

1. Uh… I got drunk and trashed a temple. How do I pick up the mess?

How can you not love a game that has a quest where you get drunk, trash a temple, and are forced by an angry priestess to clean it up? This is the question I will refer people to when they ask me about the game or the site.


Those are my top 5, but I’m sure I missed some great questions and answers. If I missed your favorite, post it in the comments!

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  • Tom Wijsman says:

    “and then falling to their deaths”; my first falling damage was when I was not paying notice, I fell from very high getting both me and my horse killed. Later in the day, I fell down in a way that killed my horse but not me, quite funny but really stupid… :)

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    I had a follower. Now they are nowhere to be found and I can’t get another because they tell I already have a follower. HELP

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