My Adventures On Asteroid 5251, Part 2

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When we last left my handsome little avatar (he takes after me. :P), he was stuck across a giant cavern from where he felt he needed to be, and with no way down to the surface of this cavern. What should he do? Brave the lava and try to dig another tunnel around the edge? Jump and hope he survives?

After a few moments and thought, it hit me; the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right? And one of the things I love most about MineCraft is that there is rarely a situation where you can’t shape the world exactly how you need it. I’m going to build a bridge. I check Stack Exchange to make sure I’m doing it the best way I can. I am, but it’s a very perilous way to do it. Many a time have I fallen into lava while doing this as a result of lag or arrows (both from skeletons and other players). So I empty my inventory into my chests back at base and bring only a stone pick, a few stacks of cobblestone, and some bread. Turns out my bridge was headed straight for a giant waterfall. Obviously, I can’t continue my bridge whilst standing in the waterfall. Any sane person would just go around it, but I managed to convince myself that it would safer for me to sprint down it later if it were straight. A few stacks of cobblestone and far more time than going around would have taken later, I finally have a nice little covered section where I can run through undisturbed. Ironically, its construction involved building alternate routes around it to reach the other side. >.>

Ah if only it were all this easy

I did eventually make it across, and boy was I glad! Although I realized, this would mean I was basically fair game for any mobs that spawned in the entire place. Thrilled with my discovery, I hastily checked out the glass dome, harvested what little goodies it had, and planted the seeds I found there. Then I realized the path went two ways. One path led to a door in the side of a hill labeled “Mycogen Research Outpost 1”, and the other led off down the hill toward sea level. I headed inside the building, as it seemed more likely to me that my path would continue down the hill. I was wrong. I entered the building and found it set up like a barracks with rows of beds and chests. But, unlike a normal barracks, it had a ladder going down… I head down it and found a minecart track leading out as well as a sign that says to read note 4. At this point, I’m a little worried because I hadn’t found the sign saying to read note 3 yet. I figure that must be what lay down the other path, so I backtrack to the sphere and down the hill to find the sign at a little dock. Apparently, I was supposed to have jumped. The note includes “This is no normal asteroid. You were secretly giving up hope. Mining down here seemed pointless, but now this! Maybe you aren’t doomed after all.” If you remember from last time, I was starting to give up hope. This map knows me a little too well. After grabbing the fish from the chests at the dock, I head back to Mycogen Research Outpost 1. The monsters have thickened. I bash a spider with my pick because I never went back to base to reequip after finishing my bridge. I rush back to note 4 and read it. It says I found a journal and a diary, from a father and daughter, respectively. The entries speak of some great disasters that struck their planet, and of how most of the inhabitants were put in “the Vault”, but some were stuck down here underground in this outpost. They tell a grim tale of a giant storm, and of a monster situation not much better than mine. With that cheery news in mind, I open a chest to find several minecarts, place one on the track, and zoom off! The first thing I notice: water has flooded away part of the track.

Yay! Minecarts!


To be continued…

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  • Rahz says:

    I like the story format :)

    And it’s nice to see people are still downloading 5251. I hope you enjoy the map. If you have any questions later on, feel free to look me up. A lot of people have downloaded the map and done let’s plays, but no one ever seems to do the puzzles. I guess in a map this large, the puzzles seems like a small thing, but I would be curious how you like them if you play them.

    • John says:

      Thanks :)

      I’m really enjoying it so far, but I have two questions,

      1. How did you make it?! That’s far too extravagant to have been done all by hand!
      2. Is there a secret to getting through all those mob filled caverns? Even on easy with diamond armor and a diamond sword, I’m still finding it incredibly difficult.

      And I definitely plan on giving the puzzles my best shot when I reach them. :)

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