Hat Dash 2011 Conclusion: The Unhattening

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Hat Dash 2011 is officially over!  Over 475 users participated, including 93 Zombies (people who last posted over 30 days ago) and 102 Newbies (first-time posters).  1152 questions were asked, 2259 answers posted, and 2042 hats were awarded in three short weeks!

Sad to see your hats go?  We’ve added a new section to HatDash.com to see your full Hat Rack.  You can find it by taking your Gaming user page URL (like ‘gaming.stackexchange.com/users/3/david-fullerton’) and replacing the “gaming.stackexchange.com” part with “hatdash.com” (like ‘hatdash.com/users/3/david-fullerton’).  Feel free to put a link to it in your user profile!

Curious to see how other people did?  Visit the Hat Dash Hall of Fame:

A special congratulations to agent86 and Raven Dreamer who tied for the win with 31 hats each!

Some random info for you:

  • Rarest Hat: The Un-Hat — 3 upvoted posts in “uncharted-3” (only 2 users unlocked it)
  • Most Common Hat: Editor Hat — edit a post (70 users were wearing it at the end of Hat Dash)
  • Most Unappreciated Hat: The Chatterbox — 10 comments in a day (0 of 27 users who had it were wearing it at the end)

And some miscellaneous stats:

  • 1151 questions and 2254 answers were asked during Hat Dash, 42% and 32% more than the pre-Dash average
  • 59 bounties were awarded during Hat Dash, almost 3x the average!
  • 102 brand new users earned and wore hats
  • The top 50 hat earners posted 60% more than they did before Hat Dash


Star Wars: The Old Republic Contest

The conclusion of Hat Dash also ends the Star Wars: The Old Republic contest.   Over 156 questions were asked, boosting SWTOR into the top 30 tags on the site (and still climbing!) and making it currently the #2 most-viewed tag on the site (behind only Skyrim):

The winners of the contest are:


The Future of Hats

Overall, Hat Dash was a resounding success:  our top users loved it (averaging over 10 hats each!), and the event generated hundreds of questions and answers that would not normally have been posted.  While there are things we could have done better, the basic idea of rewarding our awesome community and having some extra fun during the holidays worked!

So you can rest assured, this won’t be the last you see of HATS!

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