My Adventures on Asteroid 5251, Part 3

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At the end of part 2 of my saga, I had just set off on a minecart track when I realized not all the track was there…


The instructions recommended playing with a mod that doesn’t let Enderman move anything (which I did), but I don’t know if I did it right or if it’s working. Nonetheless, this doesn’t look like the work of an Enderman. I panic, failing to realize that my cart was still moving. I actually continued my trip without ever stopping. Though the track continued its game of terrifying me with a sudden descent made completely of powered rails that’s not easy to see until you’re past it. I thought the track had ended and I had been launched.  I resumed my journey through what looked like giant subway tunnels lined with glowstone. Now, my favorite part of adventure maps is the cliche minecart ride through terrain that’s so awesome that you’re just paralyzed there muttering “mah…mah…mah” while you speed through something out of a movie. So I was expecting that, and I sure wasn’t disappointed:

Not your ordinary giant mushroom.

And yes, there were plenty of zombies and creepers getting up on the track and chasing me.









The observant readers may notice the stars in the background of that second picture. That’s right, even on the highest render distance, this place is so massive that Minecraft won’t load it all at once. The track ends with me inside this large building made of glass and iron blocks labeled “Mycogen Research Outpost 3”. There’s a sign here saying “Voxtech Corporation – Authorized personnel only”. The note here reveals that they were studying all the glowstone I’ve been finding.

Outside my front door, there are these massive roadways. I figure you can’t get much more obvious about the path, so I set out. Then I notice it branches. Decisions, decisions. Since the left side was the wrong side when I was digging out a path earlier, I choose the right side this time. And it…perilously deadends into the void.


What on earth happened here?

But wait, the other side dead ends too!

Why wherever should I go next? :P Naturally, I check out the giant mushroom. Or more accurately, I sprint past the giant mushroom while being chasing by the countless inhabitants of this endless cavern. Eventually, my trail of mushrooms ends. I continue in the same direction, and shortly I see this:



In this distance is a building labeled “Mycogen Research Outpost 2”. I check it out, and find a sign inside that says “Please Read Storyline 7” 7?! What happened to 6? I read 6 anyway. It seems there was a room inside one of those giant mushrooms. Some poor guy got trapped in there by the zombies and note 6 contains a journal entry of his. It’s not happy. Note 7 begins to piece a little of this puzzle together. Mycogen does contract work for Voxtech, and this is/was the main access shaft spoke of in earlier journal entries. (Wait, they’ve talked about this place? After reviewing the notes, it would seem that the journal found waaay back at Mycogen Research Outpost 1 spoke of this shaft as the only way out.) There’s a large quarry nearby, and a Voxtech office. I guess I know where I’m headed next; up!

I climb the access shaft and it leads to “the surface level”. Still underground, but I guess that might have been the surface before these apocalyptic events took place. Naturally, it’s covered in mobs. I look up and see that the ladder stops before I reach the actual surface. Skeletons are closing in, so I run and notice another large (and fortunately, well lit) tunnel very similar to the ones I rode down earlier… Yes! A minecart track! minecart. I knew grabbing that cart would come in handy! I place the cart, hop in, hit the button, and I’m off! I zip down this tunnel out into the open. The surface here is at the same level as the surface of the tunnel. I see a building, and notice that I appear to be in some kind of box canyon (which I assume is the quarry), with stairs leading up into another box canyon. I approach the building and it’s….a food court?

"Welcome to Derby Dog! Home of the Derby Dog!"

Unfortunately, the only thing I got from pillaging it was some coal. Walking down the length of the building reveals a library, which was too filled with mobs for me to explore, and another door labeled “Voxtech Research Corporation”. Hmm… I’m fairly sure this is where I’m supposed to go, but it has so many mobs. Remember that whole “leave all my stuff at base” thing? Yeah, that came back to bite me, and it bit hard. My pick wore out, so at this point, I was bashing away at spiders with my bare hands. I eventually cleared the building, and found a sign saying “Please read storyline 10”. 10? What happened to 8 and 9? Oh no, I must have inadvertently skipped them. I just played along like I found them and read them anyway. Interestingly, number 8 was a chart.

2B or not 2B...

I’m pretty sure that has to be important. Then I read note 10. It’s a letter from 2 apparantly very important people at Voxtech. It says they broke into a cavern at tunnel F2. F2? Like my chart? I walk back outside, and realize this set of box canyons I’ve been in is the chart. I debate whether I should keep going, or try to go back for supplies, as I’ve taken quite a beating, and have next to nothing. I rush to where F2 should be, but it’s turning night, and this place is crawling with mobs. A few spiders spot me, I fight most of them off, and try to outrun the rest, but I’m getting hungry, with low health and no time to eat anything. Will I make it?

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