My Adventures on Asteroid 5251, Part 4

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When we last left, I was starving and being chased by several spiders during the night with no chance of finding nearby shelter.

I ran out of food, they caught up to me, and I died. This series of blog posts may be longer than we planned.

Oh well, I badly needed supplies anyway, so I hit “respawn” and wake up back in bed on my spaceship. Unsurprisingly, everything has grown. So I set out and start harvesting. Then it occurs to me, all those buildings were made out of iron blocks. The same stuff I could’ve made armor out of. Too late for that life, but this time I plan to take advantage of that. I plan to be ready. I plan to have iron everything before I even leave my spaceship again. With that determination, I gathered all the resources I could, and set to work forging weapons and armor.

Since I missed so many signs, I decided to reread all the notes when I get to them to see if I can get any more clues from them. And I notice something I missed on the note in the cockpit of my ship. “The scan also indicates anomalous meteorites in the craters on the surface.” There is something on the surface of this planet? I’m curious now.

I head off is search of them. And sure enough, in the one direction I didn’t check earlier, I find this:

Figuring there had to be some goodies in there, I dig straight to the center. What I see is not a pretty sight.

And yes, that's a creeper spawner.

There has to be something awesome in that chest. But what? Diamond gear? I start anticipating, then reality hits. I can’t get to the chest. Or can I? The way I see it, there are two ways to do it: tunnel under and hope I dig up at the right spot, or completely dig away the surface of the meteorite. I remembered that direct sunlight will stop spawners, so I figure all I have to do as get sunlight onto those spawners (without the spiders climbing out and killing me), head far enough away so that the creepers despawn, and waltz right in. I get to work removing the ceiling. After a few minutes of almost-falls into a pit of creepers and spiders, I realize it’s getting late, I’m far from home, and very hungry. Fortunately I came prepared! (this time. :P) I ate some of the bread I brought, and sprinted home without seeing another monster.

The next day I continue working on my plan.  And much to my surprise, it worked perfectly.  The loot contains a little diamond ore, gold ore, redstone ore, lapis lazuli ore, coal ore, and a cooked pork chop.  Spurred on by my success, I repeat the process twice more.  In case you were wondering, meteorite #2 had plain old skeleton and zombie spawners, and meteorite #3 contained spiders and more zombies.  I was much less scared of the latter two because their inhabitants don’t, oh, BLOW UP.

But they do climb up to get you.

Although it said exploring the surface was optional, I’m wondering more and more if these things aren’t part of the reason this place is so abandoned.  I mean, if rocks from space carring monsters landed on your planet, wouldn’t you panic and run away?

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