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Cause and (Mass) Effect

2012-03-14 by agent86. 2 comments

What qualifies as “story” in video games runs a wide gamut.  In many games, the entire story can be summarized with something along the lines of “Bad Guy is doing Bad Things – go thwack him repeatedly until he stops.” Some games like Limbo eschew traditional story altogether, and try to flesh out their narratives through atmosphere and visual/auditory cues. Others, like Skyrim, infuse their world with so much backstory and text that whole libraries couldn’t contain the number of unique books and stories told in their worlds.

Ninjas, eh? Good thing I wore my Ninja punching gloves today.

Mass Effect 3 is blazing new trails in terms of story. It takes significant risks, and flies in the face of the way some people play games. However, it largely succeeds in telling a story whose scope and impact are far beyond almost anything we’ve seen in gaming to date.

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My Adventures on Asteroid 5251, Part 5

2012-03-12 by John the Green. 0 comments

Last time, I was contemplating whether the monster filled meteorites had anything to do with why this planet’s abandoned…

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Sugar cube – Bittersweet factory

2012-03-09 by Ronan Forman. 0 comments

Bittersweet factory is a puzzle platformer about escaping from an evil factory, you must flip tiles to change the platforms and complete the levels.

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Mass Effect 3: Missions on Gaming.SE

2012-03-06 by Seth Rogers. 0 comments


BioWare recently released the third installment in the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect 3 continues the battle against the prehistoric alien race- Reapers – who are destroying Earth and the Galaxy as we know it. Deeply engaging action, story and an immersive experience make this game one of the most anticipated releases this season. To celebrate, we’re giving away some awesome ME 3 and gaming gear for new and seasoned users of Gaming Stack Exchange who complete a series of missions on the site.

These missions are designed to assist you in resolving questions that arise as you battle back the Reapers and defend the galaxy while also helping build a high quality resource for Mass Effect 3 players across the galaxy.

All users who embark on missions on Gaming Stack Exchange will be featured on the mission board. For details on missions, prizes and rules visit Mission Control!

Counterpoint: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

2012-03-04 by ravendreamer. 1 comments

Before playing the demo, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wasn’t really even a blip on my radar. It’s a weird post-holiday-season RPG from EA that is dropping two months after the most anticipated RPG game of last year – Skyrim. I really enjoyed Skyrim, but I was intrigued by the prospect of a new fantasy RPG series that dared to emerge so close in the wake of Skyrim. I wasn’t really expecting something totally new and fresh, so I was pleasantly surprised with what I ended up getting.

Kingdoms of Amalur is, in my eyes, an RPG-lite. It’s the well-rounded love child of Skyrim and Darksiders. It’s Exactly-What-It-Says-On-The-Tin, no more, and no less. Amalur, is an RPG targeted for consoles. That means less exploration, and more combat than Skyrim, and beyond that, a faster pace and more loot than the traditional RPG.

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