Shiny new Legendaries in Diablo 3!

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Have you guys seen the new announcement by Blizzard? I knew a buff to legendary items was on its way, but I never expected it to be this epic!


Blizzard has really listened to its fan base and is actually making Legendary items feel legendary now. Not only did they change their look to reflect what they do (like an ice damage crossbow will now appear frozen, etc), but also added a bunch of new unique affixes to them. Things like a chance to summon angels to help you on hit, burning the ground when walking, and even getting the “Shielding” affix found on elites. There are over 50 of these things, and I for one can’t wait to see what they are!


One thing I really liked was that they are adding new Legendaries to fit very specific build types. Things like ranged Barbarians or melee Wizards are not common, but they might become due to items such as these:

Diablo 3 Legendaries

Build Specific Legendaries!

Blizzard is really trying their best to encourage build diversity, which after all, is why the skill/rune system was implemented!


Besides the new procs mentioned earlier, Legendaries are also getting better stats in general. This does not mean that a Legendary item will be the best 100% of the time (they were never intended for this purpose) as Rares can still be better, but it will make you feel proud to use one. Sets are also getting reworked, getting better stats and set bonuses.


One downside to this patch is that current Legendary items will be left pretty much useless and without value, but there is nothing Blizzard can do about this. I guess it is a price we have to pay to have a better future in the game.


Some other things you should be aware of:

  • Recipes for Legendary and Set items will persist after the patch, producing the new item.
  • Sets will have their name changed and the pieces will not give set bonuses when worn with pre patch 1.0.4 ones.


I have the utmost faith in Blizzard that this new patch is going to make some game-saving changes, bringing Diablo 3 back on the pedestal it deserves. Check out this video for some of the new looks and procs (don’t know how to embed it in the post, sorry!). How do you guys feel about these changes?

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