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Blizzard has recently released a “System Preview” for Patch 1.0.4. I have read the full post and have mixed feelings about it, particularly against the Inferno nerfs (yet again).


The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the patch notes is that Magic Find and Gold Find are no longer shared in multiplayer. This was originally implemented so that players were unable to just equip MF gear and not contribute to the actual fight, but ended up backfiring and caused a lot of players to simply not play multiplayer. After all, if a player doesn’t contribute there is a pretty big chance that the fight will be lost, so I think it works out this way too.

Diablo 3 Barbarian


They are also buffing iLvl 61 and iLvl 62 items so that they have the possibility of having higher damage. This is a great change too as I always hate dropping an item with good affixes but bad damage (we all know how hard it is to sell these in the AH).


Forget about enrage timers! They are also being removed from the game, at least for elites (bosses still have them). While this may open up ways for people to exploit the monsters by kiting them indefinitely, I think overall it is a good change as there were many cases of elites rolling very hard affix combinations that you just couldn’t kill in the allotted time. In conjunction with this, Eites will no longer reset their health and have had the Invulnerable Minions affix removed. I am sure everyone hates this affix as much as I did.


How could I forget the repair costs? Everyone hates these, so Blizzard finally listened to the players and are reducing the repair costs for high level items by 25%. Go Blizzard!


Now what I really hate about this patch is that they are nerfing Inferno yet again! I may be going against the flow here, but shouldn’t Inferno be made harder instead of easier? Granted I haven’t finished Inferno yet, but to me the later acts are what represents a challenge in the game. By nerfing them even more, they practically reduced the end-game content feel for me.

Diablo 3 Barbarian



Changes include:

  • ~25% less health on Elites.
  • 75% increase for Elite health per player instead of the previous 110% in Inferno.
  • Weakening and removal of some affixes (Invulnerable Minions is being removed for sure, as mentioned above).
Diablo 3 Monk Attack


More information is set to come out primarily about class changes and Legendary modifications, so there are still some surprises in store for us.


What do you guys think of these changes?

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  • kevinboxx says:

    Thanks for sharing this update, I haven’t played this and I’ve read 3 or 4 reviews about this already so I’ll just go ahead. :)

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