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Have you seen… Nitronic Rush?

2011-11-21 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Nitronic Rush is an “experimental survival driving game developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology” and was released – for free – on the 11th of November.

That very brief description really doesn’t do the game justice; it feels a bit like Trackmania in many ways, but with a extra side helping of crazy (the good type of crazy). Oh, and ignore the “student” bit, the game really is very well put together, I’d say they clearly know what they are doing.

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The best of the Indie Royale’s Launch Bundle

2011-11-09 by DMA57361. 0 comments

The first Indie Royale bundle, “The Launch Bundle”, came and went about a week ago now. I grabbed a copy fairly early, mostly to pick up Sanctum and give that a whirl.

Now, Sanctum is good enough, but it was two of the other titles from the bundle that have really grabbed my attention, and I think they’re worth at least taking a look at – even if you’ve now missed the bundle.

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Online with OnLive

2011-09-26 by DMA57361. 0 comments

The OnLive service hit the UK recently. The principle is simple – you never install the game locally, your machine just sends all your input to their server, it does all the rendering and sends the images back to your computer to display. You don’t need a powerful PC to run the top end games, just a reasonably fat internet connection.

SJohnston has previously had a look at the service, taking a good look at the more technical aspects of the system and enumerating the advantages and disadvantages. Even with all this in hand it’s fair to say I was still very dubious of the service, but the opportunity to try PC games out for free, or even rent them, had drawn my attention – I was just waiting for it to land on my shores.

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Rethinking “Gameplay vs. Graphics”

2011-09-19 by DMA57361. 1 comments

It’s one of the perpetual arguments of gamers – which is more important, gameplay or graphics? To be honest I’ve always answered “gameplay”, without bothered putting any real thought in to the question.

A number of games over the course of the last year or so recently have got me thinking about this question, re-evaluating my stance and coming to an important realisation:

It is a meaningless question

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The illusion of choice in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

2011-09-09 by DMA57361. 3 comments

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a bloody good game and one that I have been having a lot of fun with recently. Hell, I even had the foresight to sneak in an early question on the game to pick up my first Taxonomist badge on the network for it (muwhaha, that’s how to do it folks!).

However, it’s not without its flaws, and now that I’ve reached the end of the game there’s one part of Deus Ex where I’m left feeling just a little disappointed, not enough to spoil the game for me, but just a little niggle that I’d like to discuss today.

That is niggle is choice. It’s something you may have heard the developers talk about in pre-release coverage, and the game presents a lot of choice, in many different forms too, but some of it feels a little flat

Oh, and a quick warning: spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you’ve not finished the game yet (no really, I’m going to ruin the ending for you if you’ve not made it there already)

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2011-08-29 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Bastion was released for Xbox LIVE Arcade on 20th July and on PC via Steam on 16th August, and is one of those games that had been on my watch list. So when I spotted there was a demo available on Steam, I gave it a quick spin. As soon as the demo ended, I was left wanting more and picked the game up the next day.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this game, and it deserves the praise it has been getting. Let me tell you why, and maybe convince you to have a look if you haven’t already…

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The Stanley Parable: A game of … choice?

2011-08-15 by DMA57361. 1 comments

The Stanley Parable

I’ve seen a few mentions of The Stanley Parable kicking about since its release at the end of July, and these seem to have been very much on the positive side of things. It had piqued my interest, and over the weekend I finally got around to taking a look; I wasn’t disappointed.

Let me try to explain why, while trying to keep spoilers to a minimum…

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Getting Starting in Dungeons of Dredmor

2011-08-03 by DMA57361. 2 comments

Robb recently asked a fairly simple question on the main site:

Good starting skills for Dungeons of Dredmor

What is a good set of skills for a newer player in Dungeons of Dredmor?

I dropped a quick answer down there detailing what I recommended as an “easy” build, but thought I’d use this opportunity to go in to a little bit more detail and discuss which skills do and don’t work well for a beginner, why, and what skills to look at next.

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How to Shoot People in Frozen Synapse

2011-07-29 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Frozen Synapse

I’ve been playing Frozen Synapse – a superb simultaneous-turn based small-squad combat strategy indie game – for a few weeks now. In my previous post I discussed a few “defensive” tips, concentrating on how not to get shot, and now I’d like to share a few more tips with you all.

As per last time, these are merely quite simple ways in which you should be manipulating the game mechanics to help you win more games.

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How Not to Be Shot in Frozen Synapse

2011-07-20 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Frozen Synapse

I’ve been playing Frozen Synapse – a superb simultaneous-turn based small-squad combat strategy indie game – for a few weeks now and would like to share a few tips with you all.

These aren’t going to be some grand strategies, guaranteed manoeuvres or power plays, but merely quite simple ways in which you can – and should – be manipulating the game mechanics in every game you play to help your guys not be shot as much. Specifically, they are recurring things that I have  seen new players, myself included in my earliest matches, fail to be aware of.

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