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Minecraft Mod – TooManyItems

2011-08-05 by KevinY. 1 comments

If you play Minecraft more for its creative aspect rather than the survival feel, you may be very interested in this mod. One of my previous blog posts showcased the Single Player Commands mod. SPC has the very handy /i command, but it gets very tedious to type each command in repeatedly to fill your inventory. The answer? TooManyItems!

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Competitive Pokémon Battling

2011-05-26 by KevinY. 1 comments

Pokémon is child’s play, right? Between the animé and the adorable plushies sold, it probably seems so. However, the world of competitive Pokémon battling is extremely in-depth, and requires more knowledge than is initially assumed. The first place to visit is Smogon; one of the best resources at your disposal while learning the ropes of battling.

Smogon is German for Koffing - the Pokémon featured at the top of the insignia.

The most important point of competitive Pokémon battling is the idea of tiers. Pokémon are categorized into various tiers, to create a balanced metagame. The tiers are Uber (everything goes), OU (overused), BL (borderline), UU (underused), and NU (neverused). (Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the tiers are still being decided for the Black & White metagame, so the tiers are based on usage rather than actual strength. In a few months, enough playtesting will have occurred that each and every Pokémon properly be placed in a tier.)

When playing an NU battle, only NU Pokémon can be used. In a UU battle, UU and NU Pokémon can be used. This continues until playing Ubers, where you can use every Pokémon. The most commonly played tier is OU, but people sometime tire of seeing the same Pokémon over and over, and play UU battles as well. The reason for these tiers is to provide a scale on how strong each Pokémon is, so there aren’t battles where one trainer has vastly superior Pokémon to another in-battle.

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SPC and WorldEdit – Two Great Minecraft Mods

2011-05-11 by KevinY. 0 comments

Minecraft is a fun game, I think (almost) everyone can agree on that. However, the main game eventually gets a little boring – at least it did for me. Good thing there is a dedicated community of amazing modders, showing Notch what’s possible with his amazing game. Our own Lucas McCoy wrote a great blog post on how to mod your game, so I figured a mod highlight was in order. more »