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Minecraft on a Mac Mini: an interview with a Minecraft admin

2011-05-10 by Lucas McCoy. 0 comments

Amiantos, tells us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a 26 year old internet addict from Los Angeles. In addition to the server I run a music blog at and occasionally review iOS apps at I’ve been playing Minecraft since August of last year, but didn’t really play multiplayer until about the time I started up the server a month ago. The server also has it’s own reddit thread. I’ve never built anything cool, but I like to dig big holes…

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Small World…Not Quite!

2011-04-05 by Lucas McCoy. 2 comments

This post is based on our Gaming Question of the Week #1!

You may have heard that Minecraft can theoretically generate a map 8x the size of Earth. Is that really possible? Our very own Jim wondered just that.

In Minecraft, presumably the world is finite. What happens when you reach the edge of the world? Or will the world become too large to reasonably deal with before this happens?

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Mod my Minecraft!

2011-03-31 by Lucas McCoy. 0 comments


Do you love Minecraft? Do you want to take it to the next level? Well that’s where Mods come in. A Mod is when someone adds functionality to Minecraft that wasn’t originally there. Take for example the Mo’ Creatures Mod: it adds all types of new mobs to Minecraft (including Unicorns)! Sound cool? Then how about we get started installing this mod!

What you’ll need:

  1. The Gui API – This allows the mod to add buttons to the settings area of Minecraft.
  2. Risugami’s ModLoader – This makes it easier for the person who made to mod to keep it up to date.
  3. Rosigai’s AudioMod – This adds custom sounds (which will need for the new animals).
  4. Mo’ Creatures – This adds the new mobs (including Foxes, Horses, and new evil mobs).
  5. TFC’s ModManager* – This makes installing the mods much easier.

*TFC’s ModManager isn’t required, but if you’re not comfortable directly editing a .jar file, then I highly recommend you use it. If you would like to do it manually, you can use 7-zip or WinRar to copy the new files into the Minecraft.jar.

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