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A new era on the Battlefield

2011-08-18 by Simon Sheehan. 0 comments

A close up of the cockpit of the Jet BF3 had a Gamescom

June 20, 2008. A new game was brought forward from EA and DICE – Battlefield: Bad Company. It brought forth a different way of combat, unlike the majority of first person shooter games in its genre. Battlefield was a largely PC based series, and this was bringing it to the consoles. The single player revolved not around just missions, but an actual story. The misfits of B-Company were thrown into a battle of their own, taking us with them. A small group of soldiers who could give us a chuckle as we shot down a few enemy snipers. It was a mad world, but the four members of group could keep you going for hours. Online was equally appealing, with large maps such as Heavy Metal, but bringing a more relaxed game from the styles of Call of Duty 4, released that same year. Even Solid Snake couldn’t resist finding his way into this world.

February 26, 2010. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released. Not only were we instantly enthralled by the newer graphics, but the gameplay was an incredible experience. An all new story, the same unforgettable characters, and an intense multiplayer. With newer weapons, vehicles, and some cool explosions, Bad Company 2 was a challenge to other games in the genre, with an ever changing style of shooting. Squads of friends were made, vehicles blown sky high with tank mines, and who could ever forget the Waltz of Destruction?

This year, we’re getting a whole new experience. Although we are leaving Preston Marlowe and our friends in Bad Company behind, we are heading into one of the most epic looking shooters of our time. A new era is being ushered in. It is known as Battlefield 3.

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