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The Very Condensed Guide To Novice Engineers’ Construction Strategy So That You Never Again Build A Sentry Gun Right Outside Your Spawn Door For The Love Of God Please Stop

2011-07-22 by badp. 0 comments

Originally posted on Reddit in a moment of frustration. Check the comments for some helpful gunslinger tips. Also check out my previous post on the topic.

tl;dr: Teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleportsTeleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports! …yes! more »

How Not to Be Shot in Frozen Synapse

2011-07-20 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Frozen Synapse

I’ve been playing Frozen Synapse – a superb simultaneous-turn based small-squad combat strategy indie game – for a few weeks now and would like to share a few tips with you all.

These aren’t going to be some grand strategies, guaranteed manoeuvres or power plays, but merely quite simple ways in which you can – and should – be manipulating the game mechanics in every game you play to help your guys not be shot as much. Specifically, they are recurring things that I have  seen new players, myself included in my earliest matches, fail to be aware of.

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Starting at: Dungeon siege III

2011-07-01 by M'vy. 1 comments

On June 17th, Dungeon Siege was released in European countries. I began playing it the following day!

So after playing one week of dungeon siege, what do I think of it.

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The basics of the advanced

2011-06-17 by Ronan Forman. 3 comments

Redstone is an interesting part of Minecraft as you are no doubt aware, it can be used for anything from opening a door to storing data, but, believe it or not, it works on 1 simple principle: Powering a Redstone torch turns it off.

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An introduction to League of Legends

2011-05-27 by M'vy. 0 comments


League of Legends (a.k.a. LoL) is one game that composes the Legacy of Defence of the Ancient game on Warcraft III.

Original Defense of the Ancients (from Warcraft III)

You have one objective: kill the enemy nexus that represents their base core. From your own nexus spawns creeps, sent to fight the enemy team.

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Competitive Pokémon Battling

2011-05-26 by KevinY. 1 comments

Pokémon is child’s play, right? Between the animé and the adorable plushies sold, it probably seems so. However, the world of competitive Pokémon battling is extremely in-depth, and requires more knowledge than is initially assumed. The first place to visit is Smogon; one of the best resources at your disposal while learning the ropes of battling.

Smogon is German for Koffing - the Pokémon featured at the top of the insignia.

The most important point of competitive Pokémon battling is the idea of tiers. Pokémon are categorized into various tiers, to create a balanced metagame. The tiers are Uber (everything goes), OU (overused), BL (borderline), UU (underused), and NU (neverused). (Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the tiers are still being decided for the Black & White metagame, so the tiers are based on usage rather than actual strength. In a few months, enough playtesting will have occurred that each and every Pokémon properly be placed in a tier.)

When playing an NU battle, only NU Pokémon can be used. In a UU battle, UU and NU Pokémon can be used. This continues until playing Ubers, where you can use every Pokémon. The most commonly played tier is OU, but people sometime tire of seeing the same Pokémon over and over, and play UU battles as well. The reason for these tiers is to provide a scale on how strong each Pokémon is, so there aren’t battles where one trainer has vastly superior Pokémon to another in-battle.

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Storm8 games for dummies

2011-05-25 by ivoflipse. 0 comments

Image from Galactic WaterCooler

Storm8 games, you’ve probably seen them around when browsing the App Store or Android Market. There are currently nine games from them available:

  • World War
  • Racing Live
  • iMobsters
  • Pets Live
  • Ninjas Live
  • Vampires
  • Kingdoms Live
  • Zombies Live
  • Rock Battle Live

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Engineering in TF2

2011-05-24 by badp. 1 comments

So you are tired of getting owned by those darn accurate sentries standing in the way between you and victory, lurking around the corner, more vicious than a spy. You want to get some action. You want to get kills without raising a finger. You want to heal people without holding your left mouse button, or, hell, healing more than one person at the same time! Or, your latency is too high and you’re tired of getting without giving.

You want to be an Engineer. So do I. And well, how can I blame you! The Engineer class in TF2 is awesome. Think of what a great engineer can provide to his team:

  • Teleporters! shuffle people from spawn to the action in a fraction of the time!
  • Dispensers! stationary medics that also replenish ammo and can treat more than one person at a time!
  • Sentries! kill people without lifting a finger! Create a no stabbing area for enemy spies!
  • Alternatively, Minisentries! Annoy the hell out of the other team with small, inexpensive grief generators.

Indeed, you’re so awesome for your team that, for balance, your life is pretty awful.

  • You and your toys become the #1 targets for the enemy team, only bested by ubers.
  • Speaking of ubers, you’re mostly powerless against them. You can’t uber a sentry.
  • You are pretty useless on your own. Your weapons suck. Your health is low. Your wrench is average, until your toys go online.
  • If you aren’t careful, any enemy classes can bring your 3 minutes of engineering into dust in matter of seconds. And you don’t have to take my word for it; that sucks.

Is the frustration you’ll have worth it? Let’s see what the rules of the game are.

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Surviving the Witcher 2

2011-05-19 by fabian. 4 comments

Combat in the Witcher 2 is difficult. This is no Hack&Slay, blindly wading into a group of enemies and attacking them will result in a quick death. The difficulty is increased to frustrating levels by the tutorial, which doesn’t explain much and just drops you into difficult fights without telling you how to fight. I’ve summarized some basic combat tactics here that should make the initial fights less frustrating. I’m not assuming any investment in advanced talents, all the tactics here are valid for a low-level witcher.

Charging Axii sign

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SPC and WorldEdit – Two Great Minecraft Mods

2011-05-11 by KevinY. 0 comments

Minecraft is a fun game, I think (almost) everyone can agree on that. However, the main game eventually gets a little boring – at least it did for me. Good thing there is a dedicated community of amazing modders, showing Notch what’s possible with his amazing game. Our own Lucas McCoy wrote a great blog post on how to mod your game, so I figured a mod highlight was in order. more »