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The Stack Exchange Gaming Community Blog is a community run effort, aimed at producing quality information of interest to the community on topics and questions that might not be suitable on the main site.

All the content here is produced by members of the community and we are always excited to welcome new writers – there’s no hefty commitments to worry about, we won’t mind if you just write one good post and leave it at that, although obviously we’d be grateful if you have an entire series hanging around waiting to be written.

If you’re interested in helping out then pop along to the Gaming Blog Editor’s chat room and let us know what you’re interested in writing

We’re looking for a wide variety of topics and games to be written about, so if you’ve got something interesting you’d like to write about then please let us know. Some suggested topics include:

  • Reviews of new games, or recommendations for great old games people may have missed
  • Tutorials, guides or other advice on how to play
  • Fun game diaries for whatever you’re playing
  • Important new technologies or developments for gaming
  • Commentary about important events
  • Professional Gaming
  • Editorials on games or the industry
  • Deeper discussion of questions and topics raised on the main site
  • Anything else to do with gaming that’ll be interesting!