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On the Brink of greatness?

2011-05-20 by DMA57361. 0 comments

Yes, apologies for the cheesy title, but well, it sort of works…


Photo retail box for Brink PC game

OK, I’m writing this section having not yet played the game. The box is here on my desk – and apparently it’s the “special edition“, which is nice, but I’m fairly sure I only ordered the base game [Actually, I’ve now checked, and I did only order (and more importantly only pay for) the normal version, so apparently that’s an extra £3 of random unlocks for “free”…]. Anyway, it’s waiting to be opened and pushed on to Steam, but the release date in the UK is tomorrow, so I’ll probably have to keep waiting.

Let me just say that at this stage my attraction Brink confuses me. Prior to release I’ve been quite excited about it, but this is strange, as I’ve “gone off” the FPS genre over the last few years. I can’t really put my finger on it, but they just don’t really attract me any more. Sure, I’ve played the Mass Effects and Fallouts, but there the shooting there isn’t really the main focus, so probably the only full-on shooter I’ve played any time recently is Team Fortress 2, and I don’t think I’ve even played that for a months. But, something about this game has grabbed my attention, I can’t now put my finger on what that is right now, hopefully after I’ve logged some play time.

Out of interest, I had a look at some reviews of the game on the web, and they seem to be slightly mixed. A week after the US release, and the PC version was scoring 72 on MetaCritic, which is not bad, but hardly excellent. It’s fair to say that since reading the reviews I’ve been a little bit apprehensive, but will have to wait until tomorrow to try it out myself (and seriously, what’s with the staggered global release dates? Especially when the game’s PC version is Steam only. It just feel’s so out-dated).

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