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Late to the party: Crysis

2011-05-12 by DMA57361. 2 comments

I’ve played FarCry at some distant point in the past; mostly multiplayer at a LAN party if I recall. I didn’t finish the single player, but I’m not sure why now as it was quite a long time ago. It’s probably because of this that I completely ignored Crysis when it was released in 2007. The game’s sequel was released recently, but the original was on offer stupidly cheap on Steam last week, so I thought I’d pick it up.

On release, the game was known for requiring something akin to a small cluster of super computers to run on the highest settings, so one clear advantage of first visiting the game four years late is that these power requirements are now easily surmountable (thank you Moore’s law!). My current machine is a 1GiB GTX460 on a 4×2.3Ghz AMD Phenom with 4GiB DDR2 RAM – not exactly top-end gaming hardware, but hardly shabby – and seems to run the game smoothly (although, I haven’t actually measured the frame rate) at a full 1920×1080 with 4×AA and everything cranked up to the highest setting. So, I get the best the game can offer, and because it started with such a high bar, it has aged well so far.

Crysis screenshot

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