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A Diablo fan’s perspective on Dungeon Siege 3

2011-07-18 by bwarner. 4 comments

No hidden biases here.  I’m laying it right out there.  I’m a big fan of Diablo, and its more recent spiritual brother, Torchlight.  While normally a fan of slower turn-based strategic games, there’s something about the frantic slaying of monsters and gathering of loot that keeps me coming back for more.  I had never played the Dungeon Siege series, but reading the description it sounded like it would provide more of what I love, and I set out eager to enjoy it.

Now, about 8 hours into the game, I find myself torn between progressing further, or taking another romp through Torchlight.  For a reason that I found difficult to put a finger on, Dungeon Siege just didn’t grab me in the way Diablo and its kin have.  So, what is it that differentiates Dungeon Siege 3?  Am I just the wrong audience for an otherwise fine game?

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