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EarthDance 1054

2010-09-22 by c. ross. 0 comments

1st Granite 1054

I have just been put in charge of Earthdance.  It is spring, and we are hungry.  There is nothing to eat in this entire fortress, nothing to drink.  No wells.  Nothing but river water.  Too many dwarves rotting in the sun.  We have mad dwarves running amok and I’m fairly sure there’s still a loose goblin somewhere.  Our fortress is vulnerable to attack in the winter when the river freezes.  And I’m hungry.

I’ve assigned a few dwarves to gather the plants near the entrance.  It’s not much, but it’ll be something.  I’ve also assigned more to the farms.

5th Granite 1054

I knew there was a loose goblin! He ambushed my dwarves as they were cleaning up and emptied his quiver on them.  He slew Thikut Lolorritas and Udil Agsalmonom with silver arrows!  He shot and then bludgeoned to death Iton Unnosaban, our bookkeeper. More corpses to pile with the rest.  So many dead.  Thankfully he ran out of arrows before the militia got there.  They cut him in half.

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Earthdance year 1052, Autumn and Winter

2010-09-10 by Macha. 0 comments

(First of all, this is out of sequence, something which is entirely my fault for not writing this up in time.)

Upon examination of the fallen leader “Macha” Besmarilral’s possessions, it has been discovered that contrary to prior belief, he did keep journals of the latter half of his reign, and here they are.


Autumn has begun with a goblin attack on the fortress. I decide to sound out our militia to deal with them. This was a mistake. Our militia has now fallen, and the goblins are camped outside.


Here are the goblins, attacking our militia

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Earthdance year 1052, Spring and Summer

2010-08-31 by Macha. 1 comments

I'm takin' over!

(This is part of the Dwarf Fortress succession game that members of Gaming.SE are playing. This is the second turn. The first player has yet to write a post to publish here, but his summary is linked to)

So, I have recently been appointed, and by appointed I mean exiled, to this new fort called Earthdance. Which means that after finally making a name for myself and achieving a level of comfort at my last fort, Regoddom, I now have to go through the whole bloody process again. Luckily, the last leader kept a good record of his decisions, even if they weren’t great. I was told to keep quiet and observe at first, so I disguised myself as a Medical Dwarf. Now that I’ve got a good idea of the state of this fortress, I’m taking over.

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So, what is this Dwarf Fortress business?

2010-08-26 by Macha. 0 comments


A picture of Boatmurdered, a dwarf fortress gone over the edge.

A Day in the Life of a Dwarf


By Urist McBlogger

It’s not easy being a dwarf you know. Constantly getting ordered around “dig this, dig that”, “build a floodgate here, release the lava there”. Those nobles, they think it’s easy. They just have to map out an area, by pressing d, then selecting a few tiles. We have to dig it. Have any of them picked up a pickaxe like a real dwarf and dug their way through the rock? No. And the way they treat us… it’s like we’re expendable. Just because we don’t know which side of a floodgate is which!

Now, I know some of these nobles like to claim that managing a dwarf fortress is the hardest task they could ever have been given. But they have an illustrated guide, guiding them the whole way through running a fort. I mean, as long as you remember not to dig too far down through the adamantium, to brew enough drinks for us working dwarves by building your stills, and giving a few dwarves jobs as brewers by pressing q and telling them to brew a drink, life is fine.

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