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My Adventures on Asteroid 5251, Part 5

2012-03-12 by John the Green. 0 comments

Last time, I was contemplating whether the monster filled meteorites had anything to do with why this planet’s abandoned…

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My Adventures on Asteroid 5251, Part 4

2012-02-27 by John the Green. 0 comments

When we last left, I was starving and being chased by several spiders during the night with no chance of finding nearby shelter.

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My Adventures on Asteroid 5251, Part 3

2012-01-30 by John the Green. 0 comments


At the end of part 2 of my saga, I had just set off on a minecart track when I realized not all the track was there…


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My Adventures On Asteroid 5251, Part 2

2011-12-03 by John the Green. 2 comments

When we last left my handsome little avatar (he takes after me. :P), he was stuck across a giant cavern from where he felt he needed to be, and with no way down to the surface of this cavern. What should he do? Brave the lava and try to dig another tunnel around the edge? Jump and hope he survives?

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My Adventures On Asteroid 5251, Part 1

2011-11-14 by John the Green. 0 comments

Asteroid 5251

Hello fellow gamers! Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be documenting my journey through this little MineCraft adventure map called Asteroid 5251. Sounds epic, right? It is, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  As part of our weekly “Game On!” we’re playing through an Adventure map.  But we only have one or two maps, so I went off in search of more. A quick Google search lands me at a MineCraft forum thread for a map called Asteroid 5251: A Medieval Space Epic.  I scroll down, glance at screenshots; alright, I’ll bite.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

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Minecraft Mod – TooManyItems

2011-08-05 by KevinY. 1 comments

If you play Minecraft more for its creative aspect rather than the survival feel, you may be very interested in this mod. One of my previous blog posts showcased the Single Player Commands mod. SPC has the very handy /i command, but it gets very tedious to type each command in repeatedly to fill your inventory. The answer? TooManyItems!

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The basics of the advanced

2011-06-17 by Ronan Forman. 3 comments

Redstone is an interesting part of Minecraft as you are no doubt aware, it can be used for anything from opening a door to storing data, but, believe it or not, it works on 1 simple principle: Powering a Redstone torch turns it off.

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10 Awesome Things to Try in Minecraft

2011-05-09 by fredley. 5 comments

Minecraft is a game that needs no introduction, but user ndefontenay asks What is the goal of Minecraft?

What is the goal of Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game, and although the latest release brought achievements to the game, it still has essentially no structure, you’re free to do whatever you want. Because of this, players are free set there own goals of what they want to achieve with the game, and some of the things people have done are breathtaking! Here’s my top 10 favourite Minecraft ‘creations’, which can serve as inspiration to anyone starting out with the game:

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Get lost!

2011-05-05 by Ronan Forman. 2 comments
Minecrafter and Stack Exchanger Fbrereto needed some Tips for not getting lost underground? because he found compasses of no use if the cave extended underneath the spawn or was too far away to show any change. A whole host of suggestion were given, so much so that we thought it deserved blog post. So in order of up-votes: How do you avoid getting lost? more »

Small World…Not Quite!

2011-04-05 by Lucas McCoy. 2 comments

This post is based on our Gaming Question of the Week #1!

You may have heard that Minecraft can theoretically generate a map 8x the size of Earth. Is that really possible? Our very own Jim wondered just that.

In Minecraft, presumably the world is finite. What happens when you reach the edge of the world? Or will the world become too large to reasonably deal with before this happens?

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