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Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent 2

2011-07-13 by DMA57361. 0 comments

A few weeks ago I had a look at Puzzle Agent, a game quite similar to Professor Layton series on the DS in construction – a point and click adventure game with brain-teaser puzzles. The original was very short and had some implementation issues that tarnished the experience a little bit, but the narrative was well delivered and overall I really enjoyed playing the game.

The sequel landed on the 30th June, and I’ve now played it through. Unfortunately, Puzzle Agent 2 is a disappointing sequel, let me tell you why…

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Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent

2011-06-24 by DMA57361. 0 comments

About a year ago TellTale Games released a game called Puzzle Agent, as the first release on a new “pilot program” they were trialling – a way of delivering new gaming concepts at low cost and minimised risk, to see how they perform in the wider audience. The idea being those that are successful can then be promoted to received a fuller release.

Obviously Puzzle Agent must have received a reasonable amount of positive flow for them, as they’re releasing Puzzle Agent 2 at the end of this month (30th June 2011). I decided to take advantage of a recent sale and pick the first Puzzle Agent up, to see what it was all about. Lets have a look:

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