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9 Reasons Why You Need To Play 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

2011-08-10 by mana. 4 comments

999 is a masterpiece whose simple premise belies extraordinary depth. If I had guessed that a game about solving puzzles to escape a boat could blend horror, humor, pseudoscience, romance and mystery into one perfect package, I would be gambling in Vegas instead of writing this article. Perhaps this is how it was meant to be experienced; without any knowledge of the plot and the way that the game would unfold. Each revelation pulled me further into its story until the conclusion’s masterstroke made everything pay off, cementing 999 as one of my favorite video games of all time. Keeping that in mind, if these few dramatic sentences have managed to invoke any interest in the game at all, I would highly recommend that you stop reading this article and find some way to play it as soon as possible; this is the sort of game that you need to go into blind to fully appreciate.

Still here? Okay, here are 9 reasons why you have to play 999.

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